Friday, April 13, 2007

A couple of things you should know.

It has been a year since I was in the midst of my New Zealand adventures. It's easy to get caught up here and forget what life used to be like. Almost exactly one year ago I was driving a camper van through the South Island with three of my closest friends on the adventure of a lifetime. A trip that changed my life and awakened in me a keen sense and insatiable desire to travel. As I sit in my cozy collegiate row home, curled up at my computer, debating on whether or not I should go for a run because I certainly did eat a lot of those peanut M&M's last night, I am suddenly struck with the painful pang of missing New Zealand.
I pulled off my wall a list that Jeff had compiled during the last days of our abroad experience summing up some of the highlights of our life in Auckland and I thought I would write them here.

1 (one) list compiled in my mind periodically. Sporadically truthful, often guesstimations on the brink of truth or a valid attempt thereof. 100% Natural & Pure Brokedown Snapshot of a Day in the Queen's City.

37 late-night McDonald's trips.
10 people kicked out of bars one or more times.
8 times Jeff asked for a White Lady t-shirt (an infamous burger stand) and got shut down.
149 pictures taken of John dancing.
3 times Drew has sworn off Loyola girls forever.
times I've signed my life away.

3.9 million people live in New Zealand.
47.2 million sheep live in New Zealand.
1 blue starfish Ryan attempted to consume.
3 bucks for a bottle of Heineken at Provedor on Thursdays.
7 times I've passed people dressed in medieval garb and fighting with broadswords and spears on my way to class.
3 harnesses worn.
2 rugby games attended
1,097 miles driven in a camper in the South Island.
9 stores we went searching in for Solo cups before finally getting them imported.
24 iced coffees I've purchased from Mascot Cafe.
4 Media Studies lectures I've attended.
10 weeks Garry went without shaving.
12,133 feet of freefalls.
4 more finals and
20 more days in Auckland.

I miss it.

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