Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eh, sports

There's been some big news in the Philly sports seen this week. Namely, the proposed demolition of the Spectrum and the naming of the Philly Phanatic as the number one sports mascot in America. Shove it, Mr. Met.

According to the Delaware County Times report from Saturday, the most attractive proposal would result in a complex called "Philly Live!" that would include retail shops and possibly features such as condominiums, restaurants, small music venues and a movie theater.

Where exactly, would they fit all of these proposed living and entertainment venues? The Spectrum is a small sports arena, with a maximum capacity of 18,000 for basketball games and about a thousand less for hockey games.

You're telling me in that space, they're going to fit condos, shops, restaurants, small music venues, and a movie theater? Me thinks not. And don't you even think of taking away some of that glorious parking lot space down at the sports complex, because you will create one grand cluster fuck for yourself.

Otherwise, I have no true emotional attachment to the Spectrum, oft adoringly referred to as the Rectum (although I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find thousands of pro-Spectrum supporters). Just don't fuck up my city.

I do however, have a slight emotional attachment to the Philly Phanatic. That kelly green, belly slinging, hot dog tossing freak of a mascot is perhaps one of my favorite elements of Phillies games. Second only to the beer.

Looking back the 30 years since he's first appearance in 1978, it's rather appropriate that he was despised by players and fans alike during his debut season. It didn't take long for the post disco, pre-hair bands Philly to get their shit together and realize the green greatness they had standing on top of the dugout shaking his belly before them. It's about time brother got recognized by the rest of the country.

We may never have a number one team, but at least we have a number one mascot. And that shit is cool.

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