Thursday, January 10, 2008

A List of Names I Have Called My Dog Over the Course of a Single Day (in chronological order)

Cutest Puppy in the Whole Wide World

Mr. Wrinkles

Little Brown Ball of Love

the Pee-er

My Little Cutie Pie Even Though You Sometimes Do Bad Things

the Trash Thrasher

My Flower Demolisher

the Dead Bird Eater

the Shoe Destroyer

The Cute Little Patience Tryer

the Tub Shitter

The Book Shredder

the One Who Knocked Down the Trash Can and Strewed Wet Garbage All Over the Apartment

the Disobedient Shit

the Irreplaceable Sentimental Christmas Decoration Chewer

the Humper


The Shit Covered Jerk

The Unstoppable Muncher of All That is Not Nailed Down

My Precious De-Valuer of my Apartment

Momma's Little Reason I Won't Get My Security Deposit Back

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