Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's talk about butt sweat, baby

So in case I haven't told you sebenty seben thousand times, in 19 days 36 hours and 12 minutes I'll be at Bonnaroo. ZOMG.

And today, Bonnaroo released the festival's official 2008 schedule. In related news: I peed my pants.

There are so many bands to see. And so many stages to see them. And did I mention that each day there is 16 straight hours of music? Because there is.

And there's none of that oh maybe I'll go check out this band or let's see what's going on over at that tent like there has been in years past. Because oh my gah I must see everything and be everywhere at all times from 12:30 p.m until 4 a.m. every day.

Preparations begin today. Mental and physical exercises must be carried out to properly ready our minds and bodies for the mind blowing outrageousness that will take place from June 12 to 15. Er, mental exercises begin today. Physical exercises begin tomorrow. Saturday, latest.

Now let' take a look at a little bit of the mind blowing outrageousness from past years.

It was so hot and sunny that B felt that he needed to protect his face and neck and everything within a 12 foot circumference of his body from the sun. So he bought a hat.

The heat and the dust did some pretty amazing things with the setting sun.

This is the part in the middle of the sea of people where I was all like wow I've got some nasty butt sweat and it's only 10 a.m. and I think my eyes are slowly rolling into the back of my head because did I mention it's 1,000 degreessjjhfdks?

We met people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Soilent Green is people. PEOPLE.

There are plenty of ways for people to escape the 1,000 degree heat at Bonnaroo.

Oh yea, and there was music.

And there were crazy things like THIS. And I have no idea why these pictures are all so out of focus but zomg look at that thing it's alive.

And look, look, look how pretty.

Now all I wanna know is, who's comin' with me? Leave your comments, travel plans, and handy camping suggestions. Let's get this road trip started, yea?


Kater said...

i'm beyond jealous of you, the time you'll have, the music you'll hear, and the unavoidable butt sweat that will occur. Please share all stories and photos when you return!

iconjohn said...

Judging from your Twitter posts, sounds like you rock out! I'll be sure to stop back to your blog.

the joker said...

have a great time at bonnaroo! dont forget the secret is to pace youself! its a long weekend. late nights look especially sick this year.


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