Monday, June 9, 2008

Something to warm your hearts while today's summer sun melts your skin off your bones

Last weekend while I was sucking down Coronas dominating in beer pong catching up with my college friends down the shore, my mom was saving the world one old woman at a time in Philadelphia.

On Saturday afternoon, my parents met my uncle for drinks at El Vez. Since her trip to Cabo last spring, margaritas have quickly inched their way past raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens on my mom's list of favorite things.

But just as they settled into their booth, an older woman waiting to be seated fell and hit her head on the sidewalk outside. Now, just the thought of an old woman falling makes me very upset. Add in the fact that she was from way out yonder in Horsham and was in the city to meet her family for an early dinner and was probably adorable, and I've got tears in my eyes and I need to hug something cute like a puppy.

My mom however, immediately sprung into action. And with over 30 years of nursing experience under her belt, she knew exactly what to do. She took charge and held down the medical fort until the ambulance arrived.

The old woman was a little bloodied, a bit shaken, but overall fine. And when she was safely on her way to the hospital, the manager treated my mom to a whole pitcher of margaritas. How did he know?!

And all was well in the world. Then this morning, while scanning the Inky's Letter to the Editor, my dad came across this:
Good neighbors
My wife, Betty, and I recently experienced proof that Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love. An unfortunate fall at 13th and Sansom left my wife hurt and bleeding on the sidewalk. Three total strangers came to her immediate aid, and we are truly grateful to them. They, and staff from El Vez restaurant, wouldn't leave the scene until they knew Betty was safe in the ambulance they had called. The trauma center staff at Jefferson Hospital were wonderful, too. We are proud to call each of you our friend. Thank you.

Joe Mulligan
Now if that doesn't just warm your heart like a strong shot of whiskey, you probably don't have one.


Caitlin said...

I love this place not only because of your mom (who I'm always impressed by) but also because those people took the time to say thank you. Philadelphia: the nicest assholes you'll ever meet.

PikPR said...

I just cried reading this. Now *I* need a margarita.


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