Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somebody's got a case of the jitteries

I'll probably never forget my first night at college. For weeks before I left I salivated every time I heard the words "quad," "dorm," or "beer" "classes."

The morning of, I couldn't throw my suitcases or my parents in the car fast enough. I wanted college and I wanted it now. Then later that night, as I watched my parents' shrinking car disappear down the road back to Philadelphia, I cried like a baby. But when I stopped crying three days later I was ready.

Five years later, B's youngest sister is getting ready for her first night of college. With three grueling weeks of soccer pre-season waiting for her, she's a bit more apprehensive than I was. But in one week, she'll be crawling under the covers in a new bed in a new room in a new town in a new state for the first time ever.

And she's a little bit OH MY GAH. And a little bit DO NOT WANT. And then a little bit beer?

And then there's the whole roommate thing. Roommates are almost always fun. And when roommates aren't fun, they at least provide you with years worth of funny stories that were probably not funny at the time but are definitely funny five years later.

Because there's always the roommate who steals your food and stretches out your clothes and stinks up the room with her nasty arse sneakers and locks you out for her 3 a.m. booty calls and flicks her dirty underwears at you.

But then there's the roommates who become your best friends. And when the time comes that you aren't with them, you feel all googly and you do weird things and sometime you wig out and get a little squirrelly.

But one week before she leaves, Kiley naturally has some questions.

We're the same size so that's good because we can share clothes but what if she steals my clothes? Ohmigod that could be bad. And she's really fun but also she's a big ho-bag, and I'm talkin' already hooked up with two guys at orientation and had a boyfriend back home kind of ho-bag. So what if she's always ho-bagging in our room? And I just got a really awesome comforter with the word peace written all over it. Ohmigod what if she ho-bags on my peace comforter? That's really gross. I think we need to set some ground rules. But I'd rather have her than some of the other girls because they wouldn't have been fun. Right? Right? She better not steal my clothes. And what if we fight about things? But what if living together is harder than I thought? And what if we get annoyed at each other? And what if she steals my underwear? No no, it'll be fine, she's cool. I'm serious about the ho-bagging on my peace comforter though.

Did I mention Kiley's roommate is also on the soccer team. So they'll be spending a lot of time together. But they'll get along well because Kiley's easy laid back, and frankly I can't imagine anyone not getting along with Kiley. Except maybe ho-bags.

Like I said, if it's not fine now, she'll certainly have some stories to tell. And hopefully the comforter will come out clean in the end.

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babs said...

b's youngest sister has been withdrawn from that college with the ho-bag roommate and enrolled at an all girls school in new england where she can have dinner with her parents EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!

b's mother


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