Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NEW AND IMPROVED: 101 things about that chick behind Yellaphant

1. I don't trust microwaves.
2. I've lived in Philadelphia and Baltimore.
3. I now live in a small fishing village in Massachusetts.
4. I don't know how I got talked into that one.
5. I come from a family of Irish Catholics.
6. Who are also a family of drinkers.
7. I love to run.
8. I've also recently become hooked on spinning and yoga.
9. I'm a vegetarian.
10. I've never smoked a cigarette.
11. But I might have a pot box.
12. I have three tattoos.
13. I love a good tattoo sleeve. He-lloooo.
14. No matter what, I'd rather be at the beach.
15. I believe in: equal rights, protecting the environment, a kiss, regulating big business, helping your neighbor, a good glass of wine, social justice, social services, giving what you can, the sand beneath my toes, quality education for all, the power of love.
16. Going to the dentist is perhaps my least favorite thing in the world. But I am extremely diligent about my dental health.
17. I love touching. Inappropriate.
18. I fucking hate winter.
19. I also hate spiders. But not as much as winter.
20. My friends are the funniest people I know.
21. I love to read. Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs. I devour them all.
22. I am extremely liberal.
23. I love camping, backpacking, and all other forms of roughing it. Until I have to poop.
24. I am obsessed with traveling. I'm always adding to my list of Places I Must Go.
25. When I was in college, I spent six months living in Auckland, New Zealand and traveling throughout the country. This was the best experience of my life.
26. I can't stand it when people wear sneakers on the beach.
27. I also can't stand it when people wear cell phone holders on their hips.
28. I don't trust anyone who has glasses that change shades in the sun.
29. My life revolves around eating. Sometimes I look forward to dinner all day.
30. I love photography.
31. I collect vintage Polaroid cameras.
32. I want to be an author.
33. I love bright colors.
34. I love fireworks. Especially on the beach.
35. My perfect night on the town includes a slice of pizza, a live music show, and some good beers at a small bar after the concert.
36. I am slowly learning how to be a good cook. But in the meantime, thank bajesus for Trader Joe's.
37. I cannot operate as a fully functioning human if I do not exercise.
38. I love beer.
39. I wouldn't mind being a college professor some day.
40. I am very easily overcome with nostalgia.
41. I'm moody as shit.
42. I love going to the movies, but I rarely do it.
43. I wanted to live at the beach my whole life, and now that I do I just want to run away to the city.
44. My favorite scents are salt air, fresh cut grass and rain on hot asphalt.
45. I am much better suited for a European lifestyle.
46. I'm easily excitable. If you're looking for a "let's do it," you'll probably get it from me.
47. I used to plug my ears, close my eyes, and scream when my family sang me Happy Birthday.
48. I bought my first car at 25.
49. I love watching baseball and I can't decide if it's because I actually love watching baseball or because I love enjoying a beer in crowded bleachers under the summer sun. Or if because some of my favorite memories are of my grandmother playing solitaire on the beach house porch, sitting next to my grandfather who has a whiskey sweating in his hand as Harry Kalas's voice drifts across the airwaves. Either way, I love it all. Go Phils!
50. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. Nothing makes me happier than beer, fireworks, the beach, and a hot summer day.
51. Sometimes I'm completely laid back, and others I'm writhing in anxiety. I'm pretty sure they make medication for that.
52. I will never forget the first time I heard my mother say the word "fuck."
53. My dad used to load the roof rack on our car with suitcases whenever we went on a family vacation. He'd tie everything with rope and bunjee chords so we looked like the Clampets driving down the highway. My parents took me to college this way too. And one year, the lid to one of the plastic boxes blew open and a bunch of my black and white photographs where lost forever to I-95. I cried like a baby on the side of the road and showed up to school tear stained and covered in dirt.
54. I have a tendency to be very dramatic.
55. I also have a tendency to be very loud.
56. I am a cancer survivor. When I was seven years old I was diagnosed with a rare tumor. I made a full recovery. I am still very passionate about fighting the disease, and my heart breaks every time I hear of someone new battling cancer.
57. I love buying gifts for people. Once I make the purchase, I get even more excited and completely impatient to give it to them. I need immediate gratification, even when it relates to gratifying someone else.
58. I have no qualms with telling people how I really feel.
59. I can't stand bad grammar.
60. I love people watching. I am forever deeply interested in the human race.
61. Sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach to know that my favorite people in the world are hundreds of miles away.
62. My entire family and extended family is firmly rooted in Philadelphia.
63. I only have two living grandparents, but I saw them so often growing up they were like a second set of parents.
67. Moving to Massachusetts has unleashed a new level of crazy in me.
68. I chalk every bodily ailment up to dehydration. Headache? Dehydrated. Cramps? Dehydrated. Stomach ache? Dehydrated? Hungry? Dehydrated. Bleeding from the head? Probably dehydrated.
69. I am a frequent hand washer.
70. I love shoes.
71. I have an addictive personality.
72. One of my life goals is to be bilingual.
73. I love laughing and making other people laugh. At the very least, I'll settle for a smile.
74. I'm prejudiced towards the affluent. I think they've lost touch with reality, if they ever had it.
75. My friends know me as BHan, Bridie and most recently, Brita. They rarely call me Bridget.
76. In my next life, I'm coming back as my dog.
77. My body temperature is totally erratic. I'm usually either freezing or sweating.
78. I hate loud chewers.
79. And lip smackers.
80. I believe in equal rights for everyone. I'm as equally passionate about environmental sustainability. I believe it's our responsibility.
81. I adore daisies.
82. I love road trips. And I don't mind really long car rides.
83. I used to play the flute.
84. I made out with your dad.
85. And yours.
86. I love wearing dresses.
87. I don't trust anything with artificial sweetener.
88. I'm officially addicted to coffee.
89. I also drink a ton of tea.
90. I always fantasize about moving back to New Zealand. Or living in Spain or France. Or California. Or anywhere new and excited and very far away.
91. Two words: beach partying.
92. If I find out that someone is a Republican, I assume that they're either an idiot or an asshole.
93. I always vote Dem.
94. If I could walk around barefoot all day every day, I would.
95. My mom is my best friend. And we look exactly alike. People say we act exactly the same too. I think it's because we both drink a lot of wine and we tend to get loud.
96. I love music.
97. Sometimes I have the attention span of a hamster.
98. Sometimes I become so engrossed in what I'm doing an entire day passes in an instant.
99. I drop everything. Phones, glasses of water, pizzas, dishes, glasses, jewelry. Do not trust me with anything. Especially your father. Wink wink.
100. I can't believe you're still reading this.
101. I am a total cheeseball.


Lauren R said...

sometimes it makes me feel better to know that others share my weird fears and/or obsessions in general...#20, 29, 40, 68 & 69 in particular. haha love it.

Amanda said...

I saw you were linking to my blog and decided to check out yours, and am so glad I did - we have mucho in common! Yoga, dog talking, ocean...also, I love Philly. I went to Penn, which I hated - but I loved Philly from moment one, and still love visiting. Anyway, thanks for the link, and for your writing!

Lopez said...

Okay...so now I feel like I adequately know you! I will say that your number 19 was number 15 on my list--obviously a higher rank in my life...and your number 59 was my number 95.

and I don't know HOW I left 71 off of my list.............


(Yes...I did go and check my blog to verify the numbers...I was so impressed that you had 59 on your list that I couldn't resist it!!!)

Anonymous said...

number 53 contains poor grammar

Laura said...

Why is this list so AWESOME!!!?


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