Friday, August 1, 2008

It's that time of the year again

My bags are packed, my gas tank is full, and I am ready to go. Yes, friends mom, it's that time of the year again. The best time of the year. Vacation time. And now you're all didn't she already go on vacation? And now I'm all I work too hard I deserve it GOWMAFACE.

Tonight after work I'll be doing back flips into the car and hitting the Atlantic City Expressway down to the Jersey Shore.

My family has already been down there for the past week drunk dialing me every night anxiously awaiting my arrival. And I expect when I get there, after having braved the Expressway otherwise known as the road to heaven otherwise known as the road to heaven that has not nearly enough lanes to support the entire population of Philadelphia who clog its roadways every Friday evening in the summer, they will have a delicious Mexican beer with the perfectly proportioned slice of lime waiting for me.

I also expect that Mother Nature will bless me with a week of perfect beach-going weather. But according to Mother Nature, right now there is a possibility of a lot of rain. And I say, DON'T YOU DO IT TO ME DON'T YOU EVEN DARE.

Because let's do some Yellaphant math.

Ole! AND! The other best part to the end of this outrageous work week is that B is coming to town for the weekend for some good old fashioned Jersey Shore fun. Or rather, he's flying into town and will adeptly dive into the open door of the car as it rolls through the Philadelphia International Airport to be whisked down to the Jersey shore along with my overly stuffed suitcases.

So long! I'll be back after next week with some nice vacation stories and a great tan substantial skin damage.

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iconjohn said...

You might want to add to your list of weather sites online.


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