Friday, September 19, 2008

Break out the old Popples lunch box 'cause it's time for puppy kindergarten

You know dog people? Not just people who love dogs and have dogs, but dog people.

B and I have been catching the show first hand for the past year at places like the dog park, where in case you didn't know it's perfectly acceptable to dress your dog in the homemade sweater that matches the one that you're wearing too.

There's people whose dogs are their dogs, and there's people whose dogs are their lives. During my summer living with only Hurley, I was pretty much knocking on clearly-you're-a-little-crazy-when-you-treat-your-dog-like-he's-a-person's door. Don't judge, you would have too if you're dog was as cool as mine.

But I'm not like that with Rooney. Which is unfortunate, because for the next six weeks, B and I will be spending our Tuesday nights with the queens of all dog people.

Welcome back to school, ya'll, 'cause Rooney's in puppy kindergarten. But not just any puppy kindergarten. This puppy kindergarten is run by someone who refers to herself as an internationally renowned breeder, handler, trainer, and judge, which means she knows how to teach us things like how to teach our puppy not to hump the shite out of the baby down the street and by the way should puppies this young even be humping this much?

Classes take place at on old money estate on the top of a hill in the middle of acres and acres of land in suburban Philadelphia. With deer. Sound familiar?

And while all the mommy-bloggers of the world tell you about their kids' first-day-of-school stories, I'll tell you about my dog's first days of obedience school. During Rooney's six weeks of classes, we'll be filming his progress in puppy kindergarten because my boss says I have to, which will either be incredibly funny or incredibly boring. I guess that all depends on your degree of dog person-ness.

So stay tuned for humping puppy kindergarten updates. It's gonna be a long six weeks. Or you could just watch the movie.

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