Friday, September 5, 2008

Crushin' on my blogger ladies: I think I just peed

The list of bloggers who make me laugh so hard I sometimes pee a little is growing. Many of you already know about my slight obsession with Bossy.

Because Bossy is from the Philadelphia area and so am I. And Bossy often takes day trips to the Jersey shore and so do I. And Bossy has a dog that she's infatuated with and so do I. And Bossy loves camping and so do I. And Bossy has a passion for music and so do I. And Bossy believes everything is better with booze and so do I. And Bossy loves her friends and family so much and so do I. And Bossy totally digs roadtrips and so do I. And Bossy loves taking photographs and so do I. And Bossy was with the band and so was I. And Bossy has this thing for Cusak and so do I.

And I may or may not have saved an e-mail that Bossy sent me one time that may or may not have had a whole five words in it and I may or may not bring it up every once and a while and be all do you see that e-mail that says BOSSY? That's because it's from Bossy. Boo yah! And Bossy Bossy Bossy.

And on a scale of not funny to let me check but I might need to change my underwear, Bossy is a omg I think I squirted. And if I was a good blogger, I would go back and link the shite out of that paragraph to show you all the ways Bossy and I were meant for each other, but I this little thing called laziness and how about you just spend the rest of the day on her blog and do it yourself.

And if Bossy is reading this because because she Googled herself and Yellaphant popped up because the word Bossy is written so many times, then hi, Bossy. Marry me?

Anyway, there's also this other woman. And her name is The Bloggess. And just like I relate to Bossy for all those reasons and more, I have a crush on The Bloggess because she has these teensy little moments of lunacy just like me. Only I'm not nearly as funny.

But the entire reason I even started writing this post today is because I wanted to show you a video I found on The Bloggess that seriously had me laughing out loud which is inappropriate because I watched it at work and there is nothing laugh out loudable at work unless you count everything.

So for all you bloggers, vloggers, and people who just feel like a chuckle, take a look at Affirmation Girl. I'm getting that tingly feeling again. I think I feel another girl crush coming on. And take a look at The Bloggess's full post while you're at it. Because I love you and so does everyone else who's not an idiot.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Totally blushing right now.

And I love Bossy too. Girl crush, for real.

Avitable said...

Bossy and Jenny are awesome. I've met Bossy, and she's so kick ass. You should see if she wants to meet for coffee sometime - she loves meeting bloggers.


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