Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prince Charming will take the fall for all my bad gas

Don't you love it when people in your group of friends who everyone always knew were perfect for each other actually do get together to make one pretty kick arse super couple? That's what it was like for us way back when two of my friends got together.

Separate, they are two of my closet friends. Together, they are the ultimate Italian power combo with fries. They work so well that we often like to narrate what we're convinced are future dinner table scenarios. We take our roles seriously and talk really loudly and say things like AUS, FEED THA KIDS. THA KIDS AH HUNGRY, AUS. SHUT UP, AUS AND FEED THA KIDS.

Recently Gassy (we'll call her Gassy for the purpose of this blog post because one day Gassy will be a lawyer and she could sue me we're friends) was reminded of why she hangs around with Boyfriend so much. Besides that.

On this particular night not very long ago, Gassy was suffering from a horrible case of the farts intestinal distress.

While waiting in a crowded line together at their local Blockbuster, Gassy accidentally let a horrible monster of the loudest, most disgusting fart one slip.

As the surrounding area rapidly filled with Eau de Nasty and everyone in line took one giant step away from the source, Gassy turned to Boyfriend, eyes wide and filled with mortification that only a fart of this magnitude could produce.

Boyfriend took a breath, stood a little bit taller, and loudly announced, "excuse me."

If that's not true love, then I've been farting up the wrong tree.


Anonymous said...

that reminds me of the time i was taking a final in calculus and it got so quiet that i started to forget where i was and thought i was alone. then i let out a huge fart and quickly realized i wasn't alone... probably the worst day of my life..

Another friend of Gassy and Prince said...

if only there were more prince charmings


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