Monday, November 3, 2008

So, tomorrow, huh?

Tomorrow is election day. Say it with me now: ooohhh myyyy freak. And also: OBAMA. And: OBAMA. And one other thing: OBAMA.

So here's the deal: OBAMA. For all those considering pulling the lever for the Republicans, stop trying to ruin my life. Thanks. And also, seriously?

If you're not sure who you're voting for tomorrow, pull your head out of your ass here's a crash course on the differing issues.

If you're not sure where to vote, find your polling place.

If you're not sure what your voting rights are, read up on your rights and don't be misled by provisional ballots.

And for any other voting questions you might have, this site probably covers it.

Vote for change. The right kind of change. The change this country needs to pull itself out of this little asshat of the world slump we're in. That would be nice, right? To not be an asshat? Can you imagine?

The possibility is phenomenal. The responsibility, extraordinary. Let's make it happen. It's all in our hands. GO OBAMA.

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Brent Weichsel said...

feck yeah sista FUCK TO THE YEAH

Joseph Henry said...

Yeah, get ourselves where we're supposed to be by allowing the death of hundreds of babies every day?

By a transfer of money? From the rich to the people who don't work and are on welfare?

By the government taking our money and giving it back to use years later at half of what it was worth with social security?

Re-think who your voting for. There's better choices out there:

Anonymous said...

bridget I love what you are doing! your aunt gloria would have been proud and would have loved this election!This is your fathers neice miki I was given this by kerry lenny just spent a week in key west with her .keep up the good work I love people who are able to voice their opions.
I will be checking into your posting talk with you soon.


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