Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If I knew a Tim Tams jingle, I'd totally be singing it right now

I've been talking New Zealand an awful lot recently, and Phil, who knows a thing or two about New Zealand himself, e-mailed me this delicious piece of NZed news today: TIM TAMS HAVE COME TO THE STATES. And in case you've never traveled to the other side of the world to try one yourself, Tim Tams are awesome. And I know it says Australia blah blah blah, but they were sold in New Zealand too. That is just so Australia to not even mention New Zealand.

Everything that comes from New Zealand is awesome. First they give us Lord of the Rings. Then they give us Flight of the Conchords. Now, they've given us Tim Tams. And all we've ever given them is a giant hole in the ozone layer right above their sunburned little heads.

If you look at the Tim Tam story on the Pepperidge Farm site, you'll get a taste of how much people lose their minds for these cookies. For example,

Tim Tam™ cookies are ranked as one of the best inventions since sliced bread, trailing only the World Wide Web, penicillin and the TV remote.*

*Source: 2008 poll conducted by The Times in the UK and in Australia
Excuse me? What the feck are they thinking? Tim Tams are good and all, but I could name a thousand inventions better than this particular brand of cookies. Australia should be thankful the airplane was invented so countries like America can import their cookies while they're still fresh. Or how about sunblock so when the U.S. and China continue to eat the shit out of the ozone layer, the Aussies can lather up for some UV protection? Or what about those sneakers with the wheels that come out of the bottom? Or the Snuggie? Huh? What about them?

But then Phil said he understood because he'd consider ranking E.L. Fudge cookies up there with penicillin too. And that's when we noticed for the first time ever that E.L. Fudge spells ELF, which blew my mind because hello, elves make E.L. Fudge cookies, so not only are elves great at baking cookies, but they're brilliant marketers too. Then Phil told me how that was like the time he first noticed the arrow in the FedEx sign and I was all what are you talking about? But then I Google-imaged it, and he's right.

My mind has been blown open so many times today that I can barely think straight. Somebody get me a drink. And a Tim Tam.


ashley said...

I have had Tim Tams and you are correct. They are wonderful, wonderful, goodness. Such good news to hear that they will be in the states!

amanda said...

I recently found Tim Tams at Target! They are mighty delicious. And get this: my mom actually LIVES on a street called Tim Tam Circle.

Phil said...

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009. Total. Mindblow.

tinsenpup said...

Okay. Time for a Tim Tam Slam. Take a Tim Tam. Nibble off diagonally corresponding corners. Stick one nibbled end in a cup of not too hot coffee and suck through the other nibbled end until coffee starts coming through. Then eat the Tim Tam quickly before it disintegrates. Trust me. It WILL change your life.

Talia said...

I so want a snuggie. Austin's sister and I were gonna go in on a set (you know how it's 2 for $19.99 plus S&H???) It comes with a free reading light! 3 color choices! But they are BACKORDERED!!

Bridget said...

That's really sick, Talia.


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