Friday, April 3, 2009

Tinkering sounds a lot like tinkling

If you're my mom you've been a Yellaphant reader from the very beginning, you know that the site has gone through a few changes in the design. I think it's pretty obvious that I have no background in any kind of HTML or programming or computer whatsitcalled, I've just spent some time here and there tinkering with what I could in the basic Blogger template. In other words, Google taught me everything I know.

I've added some color, expanded some columns, and excuse me is this chick actually talking about her blog design? Is anyone still awake out there? Anyway, one of the relatively new Blogger features is the Followers widget. And at first I was all no way am I adding that what if no one follows me? People will think I have no friends. But I do have friends. Just ask my mom. And what's the Followers box for, anyway? Competition? LOOK AT ALL MY FOLLOWERS, BITCHES. But don't actually, because I only have 12. Which brings me back to my original thought, no way am I adding that. But I just did, obviously. Because I kind of like it.

I also recently updated the Yellaphant store. We got tote bags, ya'll! HAVEN'T YOU ALWAYS WANTED A YELLAPHANT TOTE BAG?
And since we've already been over the fact that I have no graphic design skills, that fabulous Yellaphant logo was designed by the even more fabulous Julita Ehle.

Anyway, it's Friday and I felt like I needed to do some housekeeping on the blog because by the time I get off work tonight I'll be too tired and very possibly drunk to do any housekeeping at home and let me tell you it needs it because that dog? Is shedding like a motherfooker. Which is kind of funny because before I had a dog, whenever I saw someone covered in pet hair I'd be all ummm doesn't that person even notice their black pants are growing white hair? And these days I find myself sitting in meetings at work trying to discreetly pluck at the layer of dog hair that I just noticed was all over my body since I left my house six hours before. It's like you sit on the couch with a grey sweater only when you stand up, it's white and brown. And the other day I scratched my head and a white hair fell out and I was all OMG I'M GOING WHITE AT 24. But no, I just have dog hair IN MY HAIR. I'll probably start hacking up hairballs soon.

To fight the great shedding battle I've been vacuuming about every other day because any longer than that and the hair would be up to our ankles. And this morning B told me he had a dream that I pushed his car into a pond so I could collect the insurance money to buy myself a better vacuum cleaner. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner.


Betsey Booms said...

I hate being called a follower.

Isn't Google totally insulting like that.

RuthWells said...

Insurance money! Brilliant. 'Cept I'd spend mine on a second oven.

Avitable said...

They should just change "Followers" to "Stalkers".

Jess said...

I have an Akita mix and in Akita world shedding is called "blowing the coat." I call it a pain in the ass. There is fur everywhere in my house.

Hilary said...

Seconding Betsey, I hate the word "follower," but then what about twitter? I mean I follow quite a few people there so what is my problem? I just talked myself into following you. Sigh.

Lora said...

you have 18 subscribers on google reader. Now have fun trying to figure out how many are crossovers!

(I am)

Dan Walker said...

oh man, is that my face down there?? now everyone will know i'm a stalker.

follower. i mean follower. because that sounds SO much better. go blogger!

poppygallico said...

Oh yes, my cat sheds EVERYWHERE. I looked at my keyboard, and there is cat hair between my keys. If your dog has long hair you should try a Furminator. They are expensive but I promise, one you get one you won't know what you did without it!


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