Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

Growing up, my parents exposed me to a lot of great music. My dad always had his Allman Brothers, Little Feet, and Joe Cocker tapes on constant rotation on any long road trips, and my mom typically defaulted to The Beatles, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, and the likes. And I loved it all.

But every once and a while something different would be thrown in to the mix, and it would always stand out. I disintinctly remember sitting in the back seat of my parents' car as a little kid, driving down Route 1 the first time I heard Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" blast from the speakers. WHAT was THIS?

And when my mom told me it was Queen I was all "that doesn't even make SENSE. This is a DUDE," which is kind of like the time I asked my dad how John Lennon died and he told me he was shot by a nut and I looked down at my stomach and got all quiet and he asked me what was wrong and I was all "I think a nut would hurt a lot if I got shot with one, but I don't think it would kill me" and everyone laughed and called me adorable which is kind of unfair because when I say shit like that now people just call me blonde.

Anyway, no, this week's Song of the Week is not by Queen, but it is by MIKA. Which has nothing to do with the story I just told, except for the fact that if you ever had a thing for Freddie Mercury, you just might shit your pants for MIKA. Songs like "We are Golden," "Big Girl" and "Love Today," are sure to have every gay boy's heart aflutter. If MIKA was a soup, he'd be one part Queen, one part Scissor Sisters, and one part glitter.

But without a doubt my favorite is "Grace Kelly." Maybe it's because Grace Kelly is awesome. Maybe it's a Philadelphia thing. Maybe it's because I love me my gays. But anyway you look at it, this song just rocks.


Lindsay said...

Nice choice. Been a big fan of Mika's for awhile. Super excited for his new album.

Lora said...

I'm a GIANT Scissor Sisters and Mika fan.

Like, it's a wonder I'm not a 16 year old gay boy giant.

Anyway, Jake loves them too, and I think it's wildly hilarious that 25 years from now he might talk about listening to Mika and SS on long cartrips with his mom

CheyneCuts&Collects said...

i think our parents are the same people. this explains a lot.

Sole Matters said...

OMG! I dont know too many people that have heard of Mika. I like "Happy Ending". Thanks for sharing!

rory said...

Kinda reminds me of when I first heard David Bowie or White Stripes. Not in content, just the way it grabs ya.

Jess said...

Love love love Mika. I believe it was actually cinco de mayo when I came to Loyola your last year there with my Mika cd and B was unimpressed.

Skippy said...

so I keep here about this Mika singer, and it has been from this 40 something married woman who is obsessed with him. Now I know why...great song. Now I have to apologize to her.


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