Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

The voice of Joshua James (no relation to Jim James) (who now refers to himself as Yim Yames) (otherwise known as the voice behind the wonder that is My Morning Jacket and one of the members of Monsters of Folk) (who B and I are seeing in concert next week) (which is also comprised of Conor Oberst) (otherwise known as Bright Eyes), Mike Mogis (who I don't know anything about), and M. Ward (also of She and Him) (with Zooey Deschanal) (who starred in my favorite movie of the year) (500 Days of Summer) (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt) (MARRY ME, JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT)) (not that this Joshua James has anything to do with My Morning Jacket, Monsters of Folk, Conor Oberst, Bright Eyes, Mike Mogis, M. Ward, She and Him, Zooey Deschanal, or 500 Days of Summer BUT ISN'T JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, LIKE, TOTALLY THE DREAMIEST?) has been gracing my speakers fairly often these days. It's that rustic scratch that gets right to the core me of every time.

He can go light, a la "Magazine:"

And he can go a little bit heavier, a la "Black July:"

And he can even do that southern fiddle thing that sets my heart all a-flutter, a la "Annabelle:"


Also, how creepy is it that I have this dude in white face all over my blog's front page right now? I think I'm totally missing the boat on what that could symbolize but I'm not going to get into it because I'm trying really hard not to talk about wieners so much AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING ANYMORE.


Sole Matters said...

OMG! My ex bf took me to see MMJ and they were awesome! I hadnt heard about them until I went to the concert with him. I'll have to check out the vids you posted. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE joshua james. i saw him at this tiny tiny venue a couple of weeks back here in boston, and i was basically sitting in his lap. he's so good live. i'm in love with him. he might be married, so that might be a problem, but i'm okay with it.

Bridget said...

kk, I am so jelly. I bet he puts on an awesome live show. And I'm married too, don't let that stop your dreams, girl.

Sole Matters said...

hey! i wanted to reply to your comments but i cant! check out my post on how i would be able to!...

Deidre said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is totally dreamy...and how good was 500 days of summer? JGL brings me back to 10 things I hate about you. and also a bit to third rock from the sun which leaves me with this...can't the dude do a project without a number in it?


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