Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The December Bender Log: Day 23 Alternate title: Wednesday's Song of the Week

If you live in Philadelphia, you already know that our party was canceled on Saturday night. Something to do with the 23 inches of snow that got dumped on the city Saturday afternoon and I CALL BULLSHIT, MOTHER NATURE. GAH. Why you gotta be so MEAN? So if we don't see you before Monday, when my life as I know it is OVER, you owe me a visit to New England.

So since I've stopped going to work, I've almost entirely lost track of time. Naturally, this has led to increased consumption of alcohol because what do you mean it's only 9 a.m.?

Taking this week to pack has left time for wonderful activities that things like "work" never allowed time for, such as lunching in the city. And finally doing some Christmas shopping. And getting my hairs did. And you know what? Being unemployed is AWESOME. I can't believe I didn't catch on to this trend sooner. No wonder it's so big right now. BA DUM BUM CHING.

There are, however, a few things we've neglected to do during this week we've set aside for packing. Such as packing. And, this probably goes without saying, but I FEEL A LITTLE DISORGANIZED. But here's the real shocker: I have not yet lost my shit. I've lost quite a few socks and a couple pairs of underwear, but my shit, is -- for the moment -- almost intact, for the most part. I know right? Big surprise for me too. I've been soothing the panic attacks with some heavy breathing and extra Jager shots. And, this song, which incidentally, is the perfect song to throw dishes into boxes and occasionally against the wall because B is telling me "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PACK THINGS" for the 8 crabillionth time. OH I'M SORRY, B I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE A PROFESSIONAL PACKER. This is why I don't waste my time packing. I have better things to do. Like that six martini lunch that's just calling my name.

Anyway, Jonsi Birgisson, the man behind the incredible Sigur Ros, recorded Boy Lilikoi in English, which is kind of a big deal being as all of Sigur Ros's albums were recorded in a made up language. And no, everyone who got a drunk dial from me during the past 23 days, I was not speaking in Sigur Rosish. I know English too. Usually.


Kater said...

I like Sigur Ros and I like you. Is it too early to start planning trips to Boston?

sheila said...

organized packing is waaaaaay over rated. everything gets messed up during the move anyway, regardless if all of your undies are in one box, somehow you will find some missing upon unpacking. duh billy.


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