Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

Take a dash of DeVotchka. Mix well with Arcade Fire. Stir in a little French literature and some snappy suspenders, and I do believe you have yourself some Fanfarlo.

If THIS doesn't send you sailing blissfully through Wednesday, I don't know what will. A bigger paycheck, maybe. A doobie. If that cute guy in accounting would stop acting so goddamned capricious and just ask you out already?! That whiskey you have stashed under your desk. Don't think we don't know about that. We have our ways. Don't worry about it.


Anonymous said...

OK---I'm old, but were they singing in English?

CheyneCuts+Collects said...

Have you listened to Beirut? Because when I first heard this band I was like... Beirut, is that you?


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