Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Song of the Week

You know songs that you only need to hear once and then they're pretty much stuck in your head forever? I've had A Fine Frenzy's "Happier" stuck in my head for about three weeks now. I sing it while I'm in the shower and when I'm cleaning and when I'm reading and when I'm cooking dinner and when I'm driving and when I'm writing blog posts about dog vomit. And at this point, I think it's making B a little paranoid. But you know what, I'm happier when I'm singing this song. Get it? See what I did there?

So naturally I had to give the rest of Bomb in a Birdcage a listen and I am downright schmitten. I totally dig A Fine Frenzy in a big way. And I also dig how there's been a lot of female artists featured in recent Yellaphant Song of the Weeks , like Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds and you know what I'm gonna do? Start a band. Cause bands are awesome and I've always had a thing for guys in bands. I mean really, who hasn't? Sorry, B, I'm totally starting a band and then I'm gonna bang lots of chicks because chicks LOVE bands. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Oh, wait...


birdykins said...

I just realized that I stopped commenting here even though I still read you religiously.


So, as per usual, you are hilarious. And awesome. And quickly rising to the top of my girl-crush list.

Also, this song is so fucking catchy.

Thanks, boo.

rory said...

I'm not even sure I like this song.
But it's swirling around inside my head and won't get out. It's like an infection.


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