Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on My Feet, ya'll. Back on My motherflipping Feet.

Three teams of men from three different homeless facilities assembled and ready to run: a crazilion hours of time

Free sneakers, shorts, socks, and shirts for thirty two men and one woman: a magillion hours of time.

One fundraising event for 28 different company sponsors: a spazillion hours of time.

One sit-down breakfast event for 500 corporate sponsors: a babillion fuzilion omgzillion hours of time.

One chapter of Back on My Feet officially launching in Boston: worth more time than you can ever imagine.

See the pictures.
Read the story.
Watch the video.

Fuck. Yes.

Want to be a part? E-mail me.


Emily said...

Congratulations!!! so incredible!

ps - we miss you down here - maybe we can conference you in for the next b&b?

Virginia said...

YAY! Finally! Looks like it was incredible!

rory said...

You GO!
Good on ya.
It's nice to see somebody doin' something to help somebody else.


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