Monday, October 18, 2010

The weekends of doing really awesome things that only really awesome people do

So yeah I've been totally MIA lately. My bad. It's not because I was kidnapped by a bunch of gay pirates in leather underwear -- I wish -- it's because I've been really busy at work. Like, really busy. Like, before this weekend I hadn't even slept in my own bed for days and I don't mean that in the awesome dirty way. I mean that in the I'm getting out of work so late that it doesn't even make sense for me to drive an hour home because I have to get up in a couple hours to come back anyway way. But now I've had a full weekend to recoup from last week and I must say, it feels good to be human again.

And now you're probably wondering how PTown was. Or rather, you were probably wondering how PTown was last Monday and you've totally forgotten all about it right now and/or lost interest entirely because you saw a video of a goat who screams like a man on YouTube and that's way better than any recrap I could give anyway. So just indulge me.

Provincetown was amazing. It was the perfect place to spend a beautiful fall weekend celebrating our first wedding anniversary. And I'm not just saying that because B and I were half crocked in the ass the majority of the time -- although I'm not NOT saying that either -- or because even when we weren't half crocked in the ass we were all extra in love because we were on vacation and everyone knows vacation sex beer is the best.

ANYWAY. We stayed in an adorable little bed and breakfast half a block off the main drag of downtown Provincetown. And let me tell you, there is nothing more relaxing than staying in an adorable little bed and breakfast run meticulously by three gay men who love the fineries in life. Love love love love love. Just. Amazing.

Home away from home

B planned the most perfect little weekend for us and I was in heaven. We spent our days riding bicycles and ducking in and out of art galleries and boutiques and bars. And we spent our nights doing much of the same. Minus the part with the bikes and the art galleries and boutiques and plus a few more bars and a splash of whiskey. And now please to enjoy a quick snapshot of our weekend in Provincetown.

The end. Jury says: Looooooooooooooove PTown!

And this weekend, because I wish we could be on vacation every weekend and fill our lives with vacation sex beer, we kept up with our new fall theme of "doing really cool things" by going to the Wellfleet Oysterfest on Cape Cod. Hooraaaay Oysters! And this is where you're all supposed to say Ooooh good job, Bridget. You're doing a great job of embracing the New England autumn! We can barely smell your winter anxiety! And I'm all I KNOW RIGHT?! I am having a freaking blast. Who knew there was so much joy to be found in pumpkin beer and fall foliage? WHO KNEW?!

And besides the pumpkin beer and fall foliage there's also those perfectly sunny days when you can just stand outside all day and slurp oysters and drink beer! And it doesn't even have to be pumpkin beer. Get crazy.

The end. Jury says: Hoooraaaay Oysterfest! Hooooraaaaaay fall! STAY AWAY FROM ME, WINTER. DON'T YOU RUIN THIS FOR ME.

Oh and P.S.? You know what else I did this weekend? I ran 20 miles. One more month until marathon day babiiiessss. You can still help me raise money for Back on My Feet! Let's make those miles count for more than just an excuse for overindulge in oysters and beer! Even though that's pretty awesome too.


Becky Mochaface said...

Looks like it was perfect.

rory said...

Awwwwesome- sounds like the best weekend ever.


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