Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday's Song of the Week

Yeah yeah yeah I have like five posts saved up right now because I have A LOT to talk about round hurr. But you're going to have to wait until tomorrow. First, because it took me a few days to sober up after last week's trip to Philadelphia ... but I'll get in to that later. And second because I get a Get Out of Being Creative Card today because it's Wednesday and that means it's Song of the Week time! And at first I was going to use this as the Song of the Week, but then I decided that would be rull immature of me and after last week, I'm taking "maturity" for a test drive this week. PSSSH I KNOW RIGHT?! I ain't gonna pee my bed tonight! Ain't gonna pee pee my bed tonight!

So instead, I give you another Mojo-inspired band: Two Door Cinema Club. This song just makes me wanna daaaaaaaance. Just like this. (I've been practicing for you, Bill Fox.)

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