Friday, May 27, 2011


Today is the THIRD day in a row of sunshine after 23 consecutive days of clouds and rain in Boston and I am just about ready to LOSE. MY. MIND. Which is good timing, because this weekend we're kicking off the return of summer by heading down to Cape Cod with a rambunctious crew of VGF revelers. Whereas three days ago I was face down on my desk contemplating what kind of ritualistic slaughter would most appeal to the sun gods because for the love of GAH if I don't get some Vitamin D soon I'm going to set fire to my house; today I'm wearing sunglasses, listening to some choice tunes and thinking about sand, red solo cups and flip flops weather. And to top it off, it's been calling for rain all weekend this week and as of right now, I'm seeing nothing but sun on the five-day forecast and I just might shit my pants. But even if by some chance the clouds roll back in tomorrow and it's be cold and raining like hell all weekend, I'm going to be completely honest here, I'll probably be too drunk to care. I'll be with some of my best friends, at the beach, with copious amounts of booze. Since sun DOES seem to be a bit too much to ask for up here in Massachusetts, I'll go ahead and say that three out of four ain't bad. And no, I don't take any issue whatsoever with drinking away my anxieties, why do you ask?

Being as last Memorial Day Weekend left me sunburned, lying on a wooden dock, wearing nothing but my bikini, a soggy hooded sweatshirt and a pair of men's large white fishing boots, I'd say I've got some work to do to keep everyone's high expectations of my low expectations for myself. The way I see it is, I have a lot to celebrate. I know I said last year was a long, cold, lonely winter and swore up and down I was going to hang myself from the shower rod. Well this year ... this year wasn't any better, actually. The only real difference is that this year B will tell you he's just glad I didn't hang HIM from the shower rod. Progress? Nope, but I'll drink to that anyway. Plus, down at the Cape we're staying with Doug's cousins and all of their crazy friends and so far the emails have consisted of mostly incoherent inside jokes, Kenny Rogers references, a man named "Pukey" and a variation of everyone's favorite binge drinking game known as Wizard Staff Beer Pong. If I'm going to surpass last year's lack of dignity, this is certainly the crew I'm going to do it with.

See ya on Tuesday, folks. I've got some good times to have.

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Becky Mochaface said...

This is why you should move to Texas where summer starts most times in April.


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