Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I've been on a huge TV On The Radio kick since returning from Chicago this summer. They put on a fantastic live performance and I definitely plan on catching them again sometime soon. Any band with a solidly decent horn section has a pretty good chance of winning my heart, and TV On The Radio snatched it right on up. And you know what I love almost as much as a solidly decent horn section? When a band knows how to be self-effacing. I just want to hang out with these guys. How could you not? See here and here (also, fairly sure that is the kid from "pooping back and forth forever" one of my all-time favorites in weirdness. Also, I can't believe I'm talking about "pooping back and forth" in a Song of the Week post. But then again, in college, I talked about "pooping back and forth" just about all the time. Please don't judge me. So, um, yeah.).

But here's the thing: there's bands out there with a great sense of humor who are just okay bands. And there's bands out there who are phenomenal musicians and entertainers and take themselves so seriously I think they'd be a total drag to actually sit down and have a conversation with. TV On The Radio is an amazingly talented group who know how to make fun of themselves. But you'd never know it by the topics and lyrics to most of their songs. There's some pretty heavy shit in there. So SWOOOOOON. And let's be honest, we all know I have a thing for the beard + glasses + tie combo.


But anyway. The music. Damn. If you're not familiar with TV On The Radio, you should listen to this song. And this one. And also probably this one. But at the right time of day, depending on my mood, this song on my stereo can give me chills:


Shelley Senai said...

Love this song! And how cute is the lead singer? Love his voice, his look, his style. He was so adorable in Rachel Getting Married.

Bridget said...

@Shelly He was in Rachel Getting Married?!

Netlix, here I come!


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