Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday's Song of the Week

My friend Mia sent me this song last week and I was immediately shmitten. Not only is the song awesome, but I can't stop watching the video. I'm just enamored by the whole thing. The expressions on his face are completely entrancing. I can't stop looking at his mouth. His teeth are, like, huge. And his eyes. Oh, yeah his eyes. Not to mention that voice. Phil Collins? Is that you?

I think I watched this at least a dozen times in a row after my first listen. Then I took a little break and listened to it on repeat for about an hour. By the time I was driving home from work, I had it playing over and over again on my iPhone and was belting all the lyrics at the top of my lungs like the most emo kid you've ever met in your life. The more I listened, the more obsessed I became. I went on a full-out bender. The more I listened, the sadder it became until I was damn right tearful. It's frankly amazing that I'm sitting here today and only drooling a little bit down my chest.

B always finds its concerning when I become particularly obsessed with "depressing shit." Like when I went on a rant about how Death Cab for Cutie doesn't make good music any more because Ben Gibbard went and caught himself cheery little Zooey Deschanel and their songs have gone downhill ever since. That man used to write poetry. POETRY I TELL YOU. Now it's just meh.

I don't love shit because it's depressing, I love it because you can see the raw emotion oozing all over it. Just look at this guy's face. Look him in the eyes and tell me he's not feeling something. And isn't that what we all want? To feel something bigger than ourselves? Yeah, maybe many of my favorite books, movies, and songs do touch upon some heartwrenching emotion, but it's just so REAL.

We don't create when we're content with the status quo. We create when there is something inside of us that screams for change. To somehow make something better. That's where all the greatest books and movies and songs come from. That feeling deep inside someone that was screaming to get out.

And whew this Song of the Week just turned into Bridget's Manifesto on the Creation of Meaningful Art and I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. It happens. I'm going to go paint my nails black and damn the man for a while.

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joslynn said...

um love this song! thanks for the recommendation! sometimes depressing stuff can only be expressed in music and poetry.

By the way the national anthem was pretty weird sung by Zooey D.


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