Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday's Song of the Week

Let me start by apologizing for my little holiday hiatus. You know how it is when you go home. Things get busy. And drunk. Then after Christmas in Philly I took a little trip to New York City to celebrate the New Year. And you know how it is when you go to New York City. Only in New York could you be jogging in Central Park one hour, enjoying a glass of red wine in a cafe the next hour hour, sucking down some amazing sushi the next, sipping PBR in the back of a comedy club the next, find yourself in the courtyard of a delicious Belgian Beer Garden the next, and round off the wee morning hours singing a somewhat tragic rendition of "Love is a Battlefield" in a karaoke booth somewhere in Koreatown. GOD I love that place.

So yeah. I've been bustling around the east coast. But now I'm back and in retaliation for completely obliterating myself with rich foods, hearty beers, and lawd have mercy the wine for a week and a half straight, my body has completely pooped out on me. Worth it.

Anyways, Song of the Week. Right. So while I was bopping around Philadelphia, I came across a band that had me completely shmitten by about 10 seconds in. I heard this song by Of Monsters and Men on my favorite independent radio station and immediately wanted more more more. Please to enjoy. And someone bring me some chicken noodle soup.


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