Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's Song of the Week

A fellow music enthusiast walked into my cube the other day and handed me First Aid Kit's sophomore album, The Lion's Roar, and from listen number one I was totally shmitten. Every so often an artist catches my attention who is exceptional almost as much for their young age as they are for their incredible talent. And that's when I start to fall into a tailspin of oh my god I have done nothing with my life where is my masterpiece I was supposed to have done something by now what do I ever do my life is slipping away and I have left nothing of value for future generations. The two sisters who make up First Aid kit are 22 and 19 years old. They were born in the 90s. IN THE 90s. THEY ARE BABIES. OH MY GOD I HAVE DONE NOTHING WITH MY LIFE WHERE IS MY MASTERPIECE I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE DONE SOMETHING BY NOW WHAT DO I EVER DO MY LIFE IS SLIPPING AWAY AND I HAVE LEFT NOTHING OF VALUE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Imagine how many masterpieces I could have completed by now if didn't spend so much time searching for Snooki GIFs on the internet.


But on the upside, I have spent much of the past few days happily twirling around my kitchen singing along to every song on this album. My favorites, however, are the first two tracks.

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Laura said...

This music is great. I love folky music and especially when it sounds unique and creative! I keep telling myself that I need a big masterpiece as well but I just haven't thought of anything. I guess I'd be okay either way.


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