Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday's Song of the Week

As I mentioned yesterday, the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Nothing new around here, I just feel like I'm finally now emerging from one of those fun house tunnel of love rides where the entire time you're not sure if you're having a great time or utterly terrified or a combination of the two. I've been a tad under the weather since I got back from Baltimore so I spent the first few days nursing my friend hangover and the past eight nursing a wicked cold. Could have been the all-night parties from reunion weekend, could have been the stress of pulling off a fundraising breakfast for 600 a week later, could have been the two weeks of just about non-stop rain in Boston, WHO KNOWS WHO CARES BUT BOY AM I GLAD THE PAST WEEK IS OVER.

My friend Maggie posted this song on her Facebook wall today and I am SHMITTEN. Maggie, I do believe you just discovered one of my summah jams. Many thanks to you, many thanks.

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Deidre said...

I had a dream a few nights ago about you! We were standing a double bed and you said that you had to save all the head bands for your "real friends" and wouldn't give me one. and then we found a bunch of guitars in a closet and jammed out.

It made total sense in my dream that you meant your college friends - but when i woke up, I was all "that's not very nice!" :)


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