Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday's Song of the Week

Is it just me or are songs just a bit more potent in the summer? Lyrics seem more relevant, as if they were written just for you. Sure, other people might like a song too but was it written for them the way it was written for you? Beats seem to be more in time with your life. The perfect song plays over the radio as you take a slow, sunset cruise home from the beach in your best friend's boat. Or as you drive past miles of sparkling ocean on your way home from work. Or as you sit in the sand with a sweating beer in your hand.

Every summer I become attached to particular songs for particular reasons, then when I hear them at other moments throughout the rest of the year they call back sand-filled afternoon, bare feet on warm wooden docks, and late nights spent sitting by the fire pit. No other season has a soundtrack so joyful as a summer playlist. So let's crank the volume up to 11 because THIS. IS. MY. JAM!


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