Thursday, January 24, 2008

When I say l-u-v, you better believe I mean l-u-v. Get me a beer!

Soo basically work has been beating me like everyone's hated red-headed step child these days, and as I sit here at my desk, I find my mind wandering more and more often towards the alcoholic beverages that I need to pour down my throat.

Lucky for me Philadelphia Brewing Co. has just come out with some supposedly delicious new brews. With names like Rowhouse Red, Kenzinger, and Walt Wit, PBC is sticking closely to their Philly roots, while still making me drool.

You can bet I'll be bellyin-up for those very soon.

In other news, Hil Clinton and Paris Hilton are both in town today. I wonder what would happen if their paths crossed today somewhere on Broad. I imagine it would go something like this:

Long, awkward staring.
Observers begin to back away slowly.
Paris cocks her head, shifts her weight to one leg and utters a soft, "ummm"
The entire city of Philadelphia implodes. Satellite cameras capture images of huge, gaping hole along coast of Delaware River where Philly used to sit.
Obama wins primaries.

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