Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And a happy Ash Wednesday to you

Happy Bonnaroo Line Up Announcement Day, everyone! The magical day when we find out what treasures await us after our 13 hour car ride down to Manchester, Tenn. in June is finally upon us, and I am as happy as John Street on iPhone release day.

With Pearl Jam headlining, supported by an absolutely amazing list of other acts, this year's line up is set to be one of the best of recent years. Gogol Bordello, Sigur Ros, The Allman Brothers, and the Avett Brothers, to name a few (a very small few).

Now June may seem like awfully far away but remember, it's only 126 days, 8 hours, 3 minutes until the festival gates open. Let's do some drugs.

But wait, I have more great news. I know, I know, how much can we take today? This is better than Christmas. As everyone knows, yesterday was Super Tuesday, and at the end of the night, many news accounts portrayed Clinton as the day's big winner for the Dems.

But a report in the Politco today actually found Obama surpassed Clinton in the number of delegate votes. And that's where it counts most. Ooh Rah.

And it may be the beginning of February, but that hasn't stopped the freakishly weird warm weather from invading Philadelphia today. At a wonderful 67 degrees, it looks like Puxatony Phil, your grandmother's favorite groundhog, brought the spring time weather with him this weekend. Temps were rising steadily from his party this weekend, and pinnacle today close to 70. When winter comes back tomorrow I will not be happy.

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