Thursday, February 14, 2008

V is for...

St . Valentine's legacy of love -- neatly packaged and tied with a cute, pink bow, sitting the shelves of CVS -- causes a day-long societal schism that rears its ugly head every February 14. The way I see it, people can be placed into three categories today: those who are happy in love, those who are alone and outwardly bitter, and those who don't give a shit.

There are messages flying across the Web seeped with sentimental love you's, and others wriggling with black, tar-like brackishness. Then their are those who only care about tonight's episode of LOST, cause who gives a shit, it's just another Thursday and this Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle of looove is about to get spicy.

No matter what your flavor, it's always entertaining to take a peek into the twisted/sappy/raging/loving/malicious minds of those who just gotta let it out. That's what City Paper's for.

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