Sunday, May 18, 2008

Because true love calls for a really good party

My best friend has a sister. And yesterday was her wedding day. And in case you were wondering, here's how it worked: Mike is my best friend. Mike was the Man of Honor. Mike's Plus One was B. Mike II was the cantor. Mike II has a beautiful voice. Mike II's Plus One was me. Normal? Never.

Mike, Mike II, and I have been friends for a very long time. And because I am slightly obsessed with Mike's entire family, I spend a lot of time with them, and go to a lot of places with them. Including their weddings.

Also in case you were wondering, the wedding was beautiful. Mike II and his sister sang a song called the Prayer. Josh Groban and some other famous people have sang this song before, but Mike II sings it better. And not just because Mike II is way cuter than Josh Groban and his sister is way less crazy biatch than Celine Dion. And I didn't mind when some people thought that I had been the one singing with Mike II. I didn't even correct them.

Mike's sister (back to original Mike, stay with me now) was gorgeous. And happy. Which is a very good way to be on your wedding day.

After the mass we all boarded the trolley and went pretty places to take pretty pictures. With beer. Then we went to the cocktail hour where we stuffed our faces with lots of delicious finger foods. And beer.

And all the while Mike was wearing some very fancy shoes.

Then we moved to to the reception, where we danced.

And danced.
And danced. And ate. And drank beer. And champagne. And fruity drinks. And beer.

Then when we couldn't dance anymore (because the band stopped playing) and we couldn't drink anymore (because they stopped serving us), we went to the bar where we could start to unwind (drink more beer).

But I don't think we unwinded quickly enough because this lady was a little angry to suddenly be surrounded by so many happy, beautiful (loud, obnoxious) people.

But at the bar we got hungry. So we had some snacks. And when we ate all the snacks, we demanded more snacks. And more and more.

Until there were no more snacks.

And when there was no more beer and we could barely keep our eyes open after all that dancing (drinking), we decided to pay our bill and go to bed.

But then we met someone in the elevator with shoes almost as fancy as Mike's. So we stopped to take a picture. Because it's not often you find yourself in an elevator with two men with shoes as fancy as those. For reals.
All in all, we had a wonderful night celebrating true love. And because I just realized my two most recent posts have made me look like I might have a drinking problem, which is kind of awkward since my mom (is the only one who) reads this blog, and because I'm so exhausted from all that dancing (drinking) last night, I'm gonna go relax and maybe catch up on my reading (lie on the couch and watch TV and eat foods that are bad for me) while the new bride and groom fly to Europe to enjoy their first two weeks as a blissfully happily husband and wife.

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