Thursday, June 19, 2008

B's last night in town

Way back in March for B's seventh twenty-fourth birthday, I gave him two tickets to the June 17th Phillies-Red Sox game. As luck would have it, June 17th would also turn out to be B's last night in Philadelphia for a while.

Oh, I haven't told you two hundred sebenty seben times? Well B is spending the summer on the south shores of Boston teaching tennis and making moolahs. Moolahs that he will then be forced to spend on me in reparations for leaving me, alone, cold, and forsaken, right, sugah daddy? Shut ya mouf.

Meanwhile, I am spending the summer in Philadelphia with my other boyfriend, Hurley dog.

So an evening of Philadelphia versus Boston rowdiness was a rather perfect send off for B.

Needless to say, we were securely settled way way up. Like way up. Like don't look directly down because you might get vertigo up. And if we crossed our eyes and squinted, we could almost see the cushioned Diamond Club seats our butts were happily nestled in at our last Citizens Park date night.

Chase Utley's butt was a tad out of reach this time, but there no matter how high you sit at Citizens Bank Park, you always have a good view of this dude's belly. Shake it, baby.

Besides being way way up, this game was a little different because B is from Boston and therefore he was rooting for the Red Sox. Yes, I know. So embarrassing.

Lucky for me there were many other Boston fans in our section, which means there were plenty of other people for Phillies fans to through hot dog wrappers and peanut shells at.

I didn't mind the Boston cheers so much in the beginning, when the Phillies were winning. I thought the row of fans behind us standing and cheering for Boston in Spanish were funny and charming. And the group wearing the Red Sox jerseys sitting next to us were friendly.

But then the Phillies started losing. And I was all like ya best siƩntense, hombres and excuse me please you're totally crowding my beer. But then B bought me a hot dog and another beer and all was well with the world because sometimes all you need is a little questionable meat in a bun and a good buzz.

The Phils may have lost, but it was a great way to spend B's last night in town. He's been gone for a few days now, and I miss him already. But I'll be OK. Don't worry about me. I can live alone. I'm pulling through and keeping busy.

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