Monday, June 2, 2008

Pack of protons

Some people are protons, others are electrons, and the rest are neutrons, you know what I mean? I like to consider my friends protons. They're loud vocal, unrestrained unreserved, and slightly obnoxious free-spirited. Together, those qualities are amplified. And the neighbors often complain.

But unlike protons, we attract each other. We're happiest together. When we collide, we make happy popping noises and give off little blue and white sparks.

And this past weekend, a group of my little protons from up and down the east coast all gathered at the Jersey Shore. Ingredients for a proper proton weekend at the Jersey Shore:
1 gallon bucket of Margarita mix
1 bottle of Tequila
2 kegs
50 Solo cups
2 ping pong balls
1 deck of waterproof cards
9 Very Good Friends
Combine ingredients, shake vigorously, serve.


Conor said...

Never thought about it that way. I'm no meteorologist, but perhaps we attracted that thunderstorm to the town.

Caitlin said...

jeez where credit is due. that was my nerdy metaphor.


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