Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And now I shed a tear for my summer jams

CDs seem to go through seasonal rotations in B's car. Mostly because whenever we get a new CD, we bring it into the car and leave it there until it's too scratched to listen to without wanting to gouge your eyeballs out because of that god forsaken skipping which, by the way, it probably one of the most annoying sounds in the world.

Or until we've listened to it so much that we're sick of it so we send it to the bottom of the stack where we promptly forget about it until I'm so sick of the next CD that I go frantically rooting through all the forsaken CDs because I need something new for the love of god.

And because I'm pathetically nostalgic and because I always have particularly strong emotional feeling for every passing summer, the music that I listen to from May until September is always laced with sentimentality whenever I listen during the off season.

And because now is officially the off season, I'm sitting here pining for the days when the new albums from bands like Bon Iver and My Morning Jacket were blasting from my speakers and I was all THIS. IS. MY. JAM. because this sound was new and the windows were down and I was going somewhere fun like the beach.

So join me, everyone mom, and enjoy a listen to a few of the songs that were my summer jams, and let's shed a tear because I'm wearing pants to work today for the first time since May and this weekend I almost bought a pair of gloves because it won't be long. No, it won't be long.

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