Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can never resist a party

Yesterday while I was stalking reading Bossy, I came across a new feature, the daily poverty party, where Bossy invites all of her readers and fellow bloggers to join the poor-ass support group so we can share information and all climb out of debt together.

BOSSY's Poverty Party

I got all uppity when I saw the words daily, party, and ass, and immediately e-mailed Bossy to get in because who can resist an ass party?

But as part of the ass party, participants must discuss the ways they're cutting back costs during these totally busted economic times. And I'm off to a great start. Because the other day I ordered this outrageously cute dog collar from Etsy, and it came yesterday.

Yes yes YES, technically this is not saving money, if you want to get technical. But who can stand to do that in times like these? Not me, I tell you. This whole clusterfeck is stressing me out.

I know I said yesterday that the only skills I lack are decisiveness and certain ninja skills, but it turns out I'm not too strong in the whole self control area either. Now, this lack of self control and tendency to make rash and unfounded decisions has never rarely only occasionally ever led me down the wrong path before, but I have a feeling when it comes to Bossy's daily poverty party, I might be reporting a few more of the oopses than the yays.

But look how cute that collar is. Can we really call it an oops? Definitely not. Definitely totally cute. Totally a yay. Yaaaayy for spending monies! I SAID YAYY.

And you know what, Rooney is going to be so pimp the next time we take him to the dog park. Because who can resist a man in plaid?

[SIDENOTE: If you take a peek in B's closet, you'll see that I wasn't kidding about the whole can't resist a man in plaid thing. Seriously, I dig it. It makes me melt.]

Anyway, so now once a week I am going to tell you how I saved money or how I spun around in circles on my front lawn and released dollar bills into the wind as I laughed and laughed and laughed because we are all so screwed WEEEEEE.

And I'll call it Bossy's daily weekly poverty party: this is why you have no money, you fool. By the way, is this party B.Y.O.B.? We're not too broke to buy booze, right?

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BOSSY said...

Cute collar! Or is Bossy supposed to be all, "Hey! Step away from Etsy!"

Wendy said...

I love that collar! Now, how to justify one for my dog.....

foolery said...

I, too, lack certain Ninja skills. To be precise, I am certain I lack any Ninja skills.

Nice start, Miss Yellaphant. I'm right there with ya. :)

Megan said...

Omg, it's a Ridgeback isn't it? I had one and he was the best dog ever!

BananaBlueberry said...

Great meeting you at BLogHer too!

That is a GREAT dog...

and the Dow is up- happy day !


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