Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still pretty excited to chop off his balls

Today I woke up and I thought it was Wednesday. But then I thought a little bit harder and decided it was Friday. And then while staring at my pores in the bathroom mirror I realized it was Thursday and the moral of the story is if it weren't for that little pack of vitamins I would never know what day it is and does anyone know where I put my keys?

That has nothing to do with anything, but it might be relevant later when you're combing through the Yellaphant archives looking for evidence of my mental deterioration.

What I do want to write about is Rooney. Because as I pattered around the apartment getting ready for work this morning, I noticed that Rooney was following me. Like a puppy.

And as B and I were eating breakfast in the kitchen we looked down and saw Rooney. Just sitting. Watching us. Not humping. Not growling. Not biting. Not barking. Just being. And every time we looked at him, he wagged his tail and wiggled a bit closer to us.

This, my friends mom, is what we consider a breakthrough. Over the past week Rooney's behavior has taken a sudden and surprising turn for the better. For example, he's not really a dickhead anymore. And oh my gah we are melting like butter. Or I should say, I am melting like butter and every time he looks at me I sink to the floor and bury my head in his puppiness and lose all sense of cohesive sentence structure and get all look at my baby being so good like a baby puppy and loving because puppy is so cute and loving and yay for my little puppy so good and we are loving yeaaaaah B gets all I told you he's not a dickhead.

This. Is. Big. When we rescued Rooney, he was a real jerk came with a few behavioral issues that really had me worried, like humping and growling and biting and snapping and snapping at small children and humping small children and humping grandparents and crawling under things and not eating and temper tantrums and barking and attacking other puppies, and did I mention he bit the puppy kindergarten teacher on puppy kindergarten graduation night, and generally just being a dickhead. Because have you ever seen a puppy throw a temper tantrum? It happens. And it is no good. Trust.

But this week something has happened. And his improved behavior is manifesting itself physically because that pup is cuter than ever and B swears that his eyes have softened and I swear that B is straight.

There is still the occasional growl and good luck getting that piece of trash out of his mouth 'cause it's easier to catch a chicken but then there is this

And actually the humping is worse than ever but Frankie says relax, lady, he's too short to ruin your labradoodle's pedigree.

But that won't be a problem for too much longer because it's almost time for the ol' snip snip and boy am I excited for that little visit to the vet.

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Wendy said...

Rooney is clearing angling for some last minute pardon.

B's Sister said...

He got so big!

Hilary said...

That dog is SO CUTE! OMG! Glad to hear things have improved and I bet you're right- the "nooter" should really help.

iconjohn said...

Nice short hair, looks like not much of a shedder. My last dog Flag you could pull off chunks of hair. Judy not so bad.


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