Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UPDATED: Today is definitely the best day *ever* for America

Hey, everyone. It's me, reporting from Barack Obama's inauguration. And by reporting from, I mean writing about it while watching it on TV. At my desk. In my office. Yea.

But watching it on the little screen is still breathtaking. I haven't seen that many people gathered in one place since Bonnaroo. And I'm pretty sure I haven't seen that many people gathered in one place who weren't on some variety of mind enhancing drug ever. But then again, those people are certainly dancing around a lot, so they're either really cold or they're on drugs, and even though the weather is hovering somewhere around fecking frigid, I'd still say they're all on drugs because wouldn't that be the best party, like, ever?

And besides being the day that will always be rememebered as the day that millions of Americans were all on drugs, it will also be rememebered by the world as the day when America officially began to change and maybe even started to be the cool kid on the block with the awesome dance moves. And hello, say it with me: hawtest president in the world.

But good dance moves and the dashing good looks aside, there are inumerable ways that America is about to take a new course starting today. An important course. A course of hope. A course of change. A course of blogger cliches.

And of course, I'm a bit excitable today. And as I sit here eating my banana, all I can do is smile for the future. And smile because I keep waiting for George Bush to give a speech then jump up and down and be all SEE YA LATER, SUCKAAAAS like that asshate frat kid who crashed your party, trashed your house, froze your underwear, peed in your radiator, and left you to clean up the mess the next day.

And besides the drugs and change and hope and pee, today is the day Americans came together from every corner of the country to support the man who will clean up our nation while John McCain silently cried in his oatmeal and George Bush booked his vacation to Cabo.

UPDATE: 10:11 a.m. Don't you feel like we should be drinking? We should totally be drinking. Why doesn't this office have any champagne? What kind of a sham place is this?

UPDATE: 11:34 a.m. They are playing a suspicious amount of circus music down there. And the announcer definitely sounds like a ringleader. Not sure what Washington is trying to tell us here. Also Aretha Franklin's hat is fierce.

UPDATE: 11:59 a.m. Mr. Justice = total patootie.



rory said...

We can only hope. C'mon Barack.

Hilary said...

It WAS frigid. But it WAS amazing. I will definitely never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Great post :) Glorious, glorious day indeed. I am in love with the Obama family and GOD it feels good to feel hopeful!

EmMie said...

Jefferson was pretty hawt...oh yea and there was also this little heartbreaker known as JFK ;)


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