Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't act like this isn't your wildest dream come true, Philadelphia

Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum has always been pretty awesome. When were kids, my parents would take me and my brother there and let us loose to -- get this -- touch things. In a MUSEUM. We learned about all sorts of things like a kids version of city life and mechanics and art and touching. We pulled levers and pushed pedals and inflated balloons and constructed worlds. You want to see a kid go batshit? You take him to the Please Touch Museum.

This place was already like some version of Big on steroids, but now they've just entered a new realm of making kids' dreams come true. A crazy rich local couple just donated the movie's giant piano to the museum. THE giant piano. THIS giant piano.

And now I'm totally hyperventilating because I am this close to having my childhood life goal come true: to roll around on the VERY giant piano that Tom Hanks jumped around playing Heart and Soul on in 1988. I want to create a chaotic cacophony to the tune of every 80's child's dreams. And now I'm all I gotta go to the Please Touch Museum I gotta go and B is all ummm aren't you, like, 24? and I'm like FOOL, you don't UNDERSTAND this is BIG and he's I'm pretty sure that I understand you're a freak. So I think we're making progress. I WILL play that giant piano with my feet and I don't care how many small children I have to push out of the way to do it.


tinsenpup said...

Aah! Seriously. If only we were closer. I have a 7-year-old that you could take to see that giant piano and you could pretend that it was for her that you were shoving those other children aside and she would totally let you have a turn on your own, because she's really cool like that and because I have trained her.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that museum!!! I was a nanny for a few years when I first lived in Philly and we went there a lot. How very cool. Go and play on it!!

B's sister said...

Have him take you to the museum of science in Boston there is a set of STAIRS that is a piano. Much more fun to make music running up and down steps (or rolling down them).

Talia said...

OMG can we go when we come to Philly?? That would be sweeeettt


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