Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I just pooped my pants


Lora said...

holy crap i need to find a way to get there.

and they didn't load us up with all the good stuff in the beginning, it stayed good for almost two whole minutes.

my pants would definitely be pooped in if i didn't drink so much coffee this morning.

rory said...

That looks way cool. Is that a week long or month long concert?
Is it in Philly?

Bridget said...

It's 3 days long, on a giant farm in Tenn. We go every year. Camp out. Live in the dirt for a while. It is awesome.

Hilary said...

I really, really hope I can get tickets and the time off from work. What an amazing line-up! Yay!

B's sister said...

omg girltalk this year I am so there

Andy said...

bridg....i have been pooping my pants for three days thinking about this


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