Monday, February 9, 2009

You know it was a good weekend when you have a hard time spelling "piece of shit" on Monday

This weekend in Boston was pretty much spectacular, as was expected.

So spectacular, in fact, that I'm having one of those days when I have a hard time adjusting back to normal life. This usually happens after weekends with my college friends. It's like a week-long hangover, only worse, because instead of having a headache and feeling like I'm going to puke, I mope around and feel sorry for myself because having a job and paying the bills and doing things for my future is RUINING MY LIFE, you know?

I'm also a little bit slow on these days. I need a little bit more time than usual to do things like think and speak and adjust to the fact that I'm not sitting in a pub enjoying an afternoon black and tan with my friends. My life is so unfair.

And today I know I must be a bit off because I just had a really hard time spelling the word "piece." Like I had to keep writing it out and switching around the i and e because for some reason it didn't look right (you know when words just do that sometimes?) and I find it really annoying when I can't even call my friend Kevin a piece of shit as quickly as I want to.

And I needed to tell Kevin he was a piece of shit because our other friend Kevin is engaged. There's two Kevins. One is engaged and one is a piece of shit. And I don't remember why these two facts are related because, hello, slow day, remember? But they are. And I could go back and look it up in my e-mail, but I'm not going to. And just for clarification, Kevin's not really a piece of shit. He's actually quite a nice fellow. I don't just befriend any old piece of shit. Well, I might, depending on how many drinks he's bought me. But this Kevin in particular, stand up man. Both of them. Keep with me please.

Kevin proposed to his girlfriend at the Philadelphia Art Museum this weekend, which is so romantic, and we're all so happy for them. Because now this means we get to go to another engagement party which is awesome because the last time we had one of those ... well I don't know exactly what happened because my friends got me so boozed and I'm still not ruling out the possibility of a roofie from Brett. But I'm pretty sure there were streamers. It also means they're going to get married and be so happy and blah blah blah join the club.

And this was just a really long aside about how much fun I had in Boston and how much I love my camper girls. And also congratulating Kevin. The one who's engaged. Two birds with one blog post. BOOM. I'm even on fire on my slow days.

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Amanda said...

Your weekend reports always make my weekends look TOTALLY LAME (which they are, of course).


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