Friday, March 6, 2009

Another post that might make me sound like an alcoholic

Last night one of my girlfriends had an appetizer and wine party, which is pretty much the best idea ever. Everyone brought a different dip or appetizer and a different bottle of wine. And because I've been plowing my way through bottles of wine at an unprecedented rate, yesterday I had to go to the liquor store to replenish my stock and choose a bottle to bring to the party. And the part I love almost as much as drinking wine is going to the liquor store and buying wine.

If you live in Pennsylvania you know that there are all sorts of whacked out rules and regulations about buying booze and you can't buy liquor and beer at the same place and you can't buy six packs at the beer distributors and you can't buy more than 24 beers from a deli and you can't buy beer at the grocery store and all the liquor stores are owned by the state because they like to tax you out of the arse.

But despite the fact that all state-owned Wine and Spirits Shoppes look exactly the same, I still enjoy my visits so much that I could spend an entire afternoon perusing the aisles. I love the smell of the liquor store. I love the way the bottles look lined up in neat little rows organized by country. I love the feeling of potential I get every time I step inside. Like maybe I'll discover a fantastic new wine I've never tasted before. Maybe I'll find a $50 bottle on sale for $12.99. Maybe they'll be giving out free samples again today.

And just like potato chips, I can never get just one bottle of wine. And in our house, B usually pays for the groceries and I pay for the wine, which just about evens out every week. So, naturally, yesterday when I walked back into the house after my trip to the liquor store B was all how many bottles did you buy this time? And it was considered a considerable success in personal restraint that I only came home with three.

ANYWAY. Not only was last night's party a fantastic idea because it gave me an opportunity to buy and drink wine, but also to spend an entire evening stuffing my face with grazing on an array of homemade appetizers. I brought my roasted garlic hummus because my cooking skills don't really extend much further than throwing a bunch of ingredients in a blender and pushing the on button.

And now it's time for some Yellaphant math. As we've already learned, eight girls + eight bottles of wine + a table of food = an inarguable and inevitable night spent gabbing about hoohas. With some other pressing issues sprinkled in there like Old Bay on top of a plate of crabettes. And that's what we call therapy. Which may or may not have resulted in eight empty wine bottles and someone on their back on the kitchen floor. Naturally.


Anonymous said...

That liquor superstore, off the first exit in Delware on I-95, is a great place to spend a day. They always have free samples, and the layout of the place is impressive.

Betsey Booms said...

You can't possibly look like a drunk. Mostly because today I just smell like one.

And I showered. Swear. Whatever.

Amanda said...

Sounds like fun! I'm very excited because I have a night quite like that planned for tonight.

hippo brigade said...

what? You can't buy liquor and beer at the same place? Craziness. Sounds like Pennsylvania is trying to make it difficult for you to get your drink on. Are all the state legislatures Amish or something? You should move over here, in California, where our state is run by the Terminator. You not only can buy your beer and liquor in the same place, but you can also pick up a sexy tranny prositute too!

bilhelm96 said...

I've hosted the app/wine party before, always a good time. As anal as Jersey is in buying booze, PA is just bad. There is also a Wine superstore in Cherry Hill, next to the mall, which I will make my weekly pilgrimage to in about an hour.

Well Read Hostess said...

I suck at buying wine, but I want to be good at it.

I can't keep up! How do you figure out what's good and what's not?

Maybe you should be my wine buyer.

Or, at the very least, would your boyfriend buy my groceries?

Anonymous said...

Once again I catch up on a few posts in one shot and am laughing my tush off :)


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