Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I first heard Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" thanks to Rock & Roll Mama. I've heard it several times on Philly's independent radio station, XPN, since then, and each time I've fallen more in love.

How fantastic is that video? It's the perfect end of the winter song. Lavie's velvety voice pulls me from whatever frenetic state I happen to be in at that moment and places me somewhere calm. And in the middle of my slightly psychotic days, a song like this is exactly what I need. It's some kind of wonderful pollination between Nick Drake, Alexi Murdoch and Badly Drawn Boy.

Her Morning Elegance is soothing, but it still makes me feel like I need to move. I want to drop what I'm doing and take a stroll through the sunny city streets and fall in love with everyone I see, like the guy who's selling flowers and the old man walking his dog and the woman pushing a stroller and the meth addict who wanders up and down my street yelling at cars. I want to be alone, but surrounded by people. I want to shake off the stress of the day, maybe flip some people the bird, throw all my papers into the air, and skip out into the sunshine by myself. And look really pretty doing it in a cute spring jacket with a belt and really great pair of shoes. And then everyone will shake their heads and smile because there goes that really pretty, slightly unhinged girl, doing her thing again, you know? Isn't that what every girl wants?


pj said...

Man, now I have to buy a better phone so I can listen to music and see videos that are posted. Great thanks. I know sarcasm doesn't translate well over e mail so I feel the need to say, hey that was sarcasm.

Bradford Pearson said...

This woman seems to be having some serious night terrors.

Good song though.

Lora said...

I totally want to be that quirky pretty girl.

rory said...

I listened to the whole song and went skipping across the living room but the dogs ran me down and tackled me.

Skye said...

Hey you know how most of the time clicking on the title of your posts on the main page takes you to the page for that post, except this time you made it into a link to YouTube that automatically starts playing music? Perhaps not to play with your poor readers' expectations in the future s'il vous plait? I thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.


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