Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April rains

April is no good. Buttons pop off coats. Sweaters come unraveled. Dishes are shattered. Socks are soggy. Clutter surrounds us. In April, we have lost people we love. April is heavy on my mind.

Last night, thousands of Loyola College students gathered at Alumni Memorial Chapel to say goodbye to Stephanie Parente. Tragedy has poured down on my alma mater. Raindrops explode on the campus' stone walkways.

There are certain things that shake me to the core. And days when, more than ever, my love for the friends I made at Loyola and the community we are a part of is so thick it swallows me whole.


Amanda said...

So tragically sad.

rory said...

That's just sad. I'm sorry.

Bradford Pearson said...

As a newspaper reporter in Maryland, it's amazing how jaded you become when dealing with death and murder every week.

This one really woke me up, though. So sad.


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