Friday, May 8, 2009

What Bridget wants Bridget gets

Last night while I was eating ice cream for dinner in front of the TV, I kept thinking about how B and I have been making an awful lot of adult decisions recently which, when you think about it, is scary as shit. I also kept thinking about how Amy Pohler is probably too annoying to have her own television show right now. And during one of our current decision-making conversations, which was probably about accent walls or doggie doors or or wedding invitations or brands of electric tooth brushes ...

B: Somethings I think you're incapable of processing the word NO, you're just singing "what Bridget wants Bridget gets" over and over inside your head and drowning out everything else.
(And it should be noted that he actually SANG it, and it was pretty catchy.)

Me: I have no idea what you're talking about I AM THE EPITOME OF DIPLOMATIC.

B: "What Bridget Wants Bridget Gets" is totally the name of your theme song, and your show's catch phrase is "BUT, B ..."

Me: BUT, B, an accent wall adds so much ZEST to a room.

And then we both broke into the chorus, what Bridget wants Bridget gets, what Bridget wants Bridget gets in really high voices, and even the DOG joined in with a few nervous barks so it really was just like a bad sitcom. And I was all my gah, B, you are so lucky you landed a star role in the "Bridget Show" and he was speechless. I think it's because he was so moved.

So then this morning, to emphasize that YES WE ARE PAINTING THE WALLS THAT COLOR, but in order to exercise my sharing skills, you get to choose the movie we go see tonight on date night, I told B that we could go see ANY movie he wanted, even one of those idiot comic book movies. And he was like what do you mean comic book movies? And I was like you know, like that X-Men thing or Star Trek or whatever, because in all honestly, sometimes I can be an independent movie snob, but other times all I need is a chiseled jaw line to look at and I'm content. But then B was all STAR TREK IS NOT A COMIC BOOK. STAR TREK IS REAL LIFE. STAR TREK IS THE FUTURE. And he doesn't know it yet, but that just totally eliminated all of his major decor decision making rights for the new house because surely, style cannot be trusted in the hands of someone like that.

What Bridget wants Bridget gets, mothaflippas.


Hilary said...

I love your theme song. Am stealing. :) Enjoy date night!

CheyneCuts&Collects said...

don't talk about amy that way!

hippo brigade said...

It is quite catchy. I'm singing it right now.

rory said...

I'm stealing it too. "What Miss Carol wants, Miss Carol gets".
It should drive her crazy by the end of the weekend.

Avitable said...

I'd watch that show. Naked.


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