Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UPDATED: The very first very Yellaphant giveaway: Let the pants shitting commence

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Wednesday's Song of the Week to bring you something way better.

One of the best things about having a blog is meeting new and interesting people in ways that never would have been possible not long ago. That's why whenever someone leaves a comment on one of my posts, I always try to click over to their own blog to check out the goods and return the love. And recently, when I had my first look at Suzanne's blog, I found lots of goods. Namely, jewelry goods. And before I even knew what was happening, I was filling in my credit card number and clicking "purchase" because OH MY GAH I CANNOT LIVE ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT THAT NECKLACE.

Some people black out and wake up with strange men in their beds. I black out and wake up with Etsy bills.

After spending some time on Suzanne's Etsy store, I knew I needed to spread the love. Because if my readers are anything like me -- borderline psychotic men and women of exceptional taste -- I also wouldn't be the only one whipping out my wallet and frothing at the mouth.

And in celebration of all things awesome, Suzanne has generously offered to give one lucky Yellaphant reader a $25 gift certificate to suzzanemade, where she sells beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry, art work, handbags, magnets, stationary, and more.

All you have to do is leave a comment and answer this question: If you had to choose a name for your own style in just a few words, what would you call it? I'd call mine "BoHo in Yo Face" or maybe even "Punch You in the Head Awesome."

Last night, I asked Suzanne that same question, so have a look at our Question and Answer session for some inspiration and to learn a little bit about the fabulous artist behind the awesome art. And don't forget to take a good look at Suzanne's Etsy shop to see what you'd spend your $25 on.

You have a little bit of everything going on: jewelery, bags, painting, and photography. Who are your artistic heroes?

Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for me -- I tend to want to make and do all sorts of things and I don’t know when to stop! I guess that’s why I usually make one-of-a-kind pieces, so that at least I don’t feel “stuck” with only making a few different designs/types of things. I like to have my hands in everything! I get inspiration from all over the place but I guess I’d say my top three artistic heroes of late would be Emily Martin (of The Black Apple), Elsie Flannigan (of Red Velvet Art) and Ashley Goldberg (of Kitty Genius) –- they are all super talented artsy/crafty girlies!

What are you listening to when you design?

Usually either my husband playing Guitar Hero or Rockband … that, or some sort of sports game on TV. But if/when I actually have a choice in the matter it would probably be 80’s music or “alternative”/indie rock.

Art is all about inspiration and passion. Have you ever had a terrible day, locked yourself in your room, and created a really angry, "I hate you" zippy pouch? Like your "Rainbow and Fawns?" Fucking fierce.

Usually if I’ve had a terrible day I will lock myself in my room, eat a ton of chocolate and drink copious amounts of red wine, gin, vodka, tequila … but I do like the idea of an “I hate you” zippy pouch … maybe I’ll make one next time someone pisses me off and that will be their next “you suck but happy birthday anyway” present.

What else inspires you?

Soooooo many things! Sometimes it’s simply the materials themselves that inspire me to make something out of them, sometimes it everything else -- books, TV, movies, architecture, photography, animals, trees, flowers, fashion, people, random objects, the beach, clouds in the sky, etc! There is a constant stream of new ideas popping into my head. I seem to have more ideas than the time to make them into reality so I tend to keep lots of lists and/or sketches -- mostly on post-it notes crumpled at the bottom of my purse, but on occasion they will actually make it into my notebook!

Where do you make your art? Do you have a special "space" for designing?

Oh yes, I have a very special place … it’s called my dining room -- the dining table to be specific. My husband and I live in a small apartment, so "space” is not exactly something I have a lot of. We do have a spare room, but it’s reserved for more important things like storing dirty laundry, dusty golf clubs, and hockey gear, a futon, and our clothes dryer (a.k.a. elliptical machine).

Do you ever get creative in your underwear?

No, but I’ve occasionally been found to be crafting in the wee hours of the night, in the dining room, in my pj’s and fuzzy slippers.

You were totally in your underwear when you made the jewelry I just bought from you, weren't you? Awesome.

Actually, when I make jewelry I prefer to wear my full Canadian-winter gear: snow pants, parka, ski mask, scarf, and mittens.

If you could name your artistic style, what would you call it? I'd call it "Earth Raping" or maybe "My Mom Would Probably Approve More If I Made Nice Things Instead of Wasting My Time Cursing On a Blog" or "Really Really Pretty."

Ah! I have no idea! ... I guess it’s a little bit whimsical, mixed with a dash of cuteness, a smidgen of femininity, a tad quirky, a bit of fun … with a touch of clean and simple.

Thanks so much, Suzanne, you've been a real delight to both buy from and bother via e-mail. I promise I'll stop sitting outside of your apartment at night now. And no, they weren't binoculars. Okay, they were, but that totally wasn't me who knocked over all your trash cans, by the way. Canadian raccoons: way fiercer than American raccoons.

I'll announce the contest winner next Wednesday, May 13, so comments are open until Tuesday at midnight, Eastern Time. And I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner, so there won't be any funny business. But there might be hanky panky.


5/13 UPDATE: Check out the winner at today's post!


Leslie MacDonald said...

Wow--she has amazing stuff! I am delurking to tell you that I have just been informed that I am a West Coast WASP--so I would guess that describes my style, as well! Lots of Columbia, good jeans, cute tops, raincoats... I'm from Portland. We generally don't have a style other than "wet."

CheyneCuts&Collects said...

i think my personal style is "poor girl with a struggling business - BUT WAIT I CAN SEW!" Which means I can look awesome about two days a week.

very cute stuffs!

Betsey Booms said...

Beautiful stuff!

My style is air-punchinng zombie freak chic.

well read hostess said...

My style is very clearly WhateverIsCleanAndWithinReach.

Shelley Greenberg said...

First thing that came to mind for my style? "Jackie O with a dash of WTF?!"

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty! Hm. Mine will have to be something like:

Whimsical and comfortable with a dash of Hoodies(because I can't live without them, don't make me try)

Pick me! I want to win!

Shann said...

I would best describe my style as "what would happen if Ann Taylor stumbled into a Jersey Shore bar".

I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to pay my Etsy bills.

De in D.C. said...

"Mommy Chic with a touch of Disheveled and Cuter Shoes"

seven said...

I think I would describe my style as "That Which Hides My Lumps And Is Comfortable" which basically just means jeans, hoodies and flipflops year-round.

I love the green leafy necklace thing...

Deidre said...

I suppose my style would be "I-don't-wear-jeans-but-i-love-stripes-and-polka-dots" Not so much a style as a mantra.

Suzanne your stuff is The Lovely!

kj said...

my personal style is "Frumpy & Bumpy". Neither are to my liking. Currently working on both.

Please enter me for the chance at pretty jewelry. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....Frumpy and Bumpy? That pretty much fits ME also.
I really like the Beach Glass and Gold Necklace--that might make me less frumpy.

Anonymous said...

my personal style, creative and funky, to say the least. i always get stared at for wearing shorts with boots and tights. everybody likes to say how weird my "style" is, and then a few weeks later they're wearing the same thing.

JD said...

Drunken Midwest Swagger

Jess said...

My style would be laid back mixed with a little, "Damn, I just spilled sauce on my dress."


Kathleen said...

I would call my style "I have 2 kids under 4 so I wish I had some style". Does that work? Enjoy your writing! :)

The Giveaway Diva said...

omg love her stuff! !i would say my style would be classy chic with a modern twist!

merrymishaps said...

I'd say 90% of the time, my style is "Ann Taylor LOFT sale rack," and the rest of the time I'm in jeans (often also from the ATL sale rack).

Cute shoes are always required.

B's sister said...

I think mine would be "I shop at the 3 dollar sales rack but OH EM GEE sometimes I must have [enter name of hollywood starlet]'s new top"

Erica said...

wow nice stuff!! i think my personal style would stylish chic!

kate said...

wow mine would be comfort is key


Nicki said...

my style would be quiky cool chic


Melly said...

laid back hippie chic is my style! =)


Bellacantare said...

My style is clearly from the school of Stacey London and Clinton Kelly.

Tracie said...

You are my new favorite Blog. And I love jewelry....

My Style would be "Frantic Chaotic need to do the Laundry Hippy Style" :)

Tracie said...

Oh and

Michelle said...

ooo hanky panky!

ahha that could be my style! =)


Marcia said...

I'm totally "slutty but work appropriate secretary".... if that's possible.

Threemoons said...

I would describe my style as "eclectic cyberpunk gone corporate." BTW I'm Threemoons on Etsy.

Erin said...

Oh man. The bit about blacking out and waking up with Etsy purchases totally rang true. Holy cannoli.

I think of my style as basically classic with a twist. Lots of basics (black pants, satin skirts, button-downs, cardigans) with surprising elements (bows, pleats, patterns, colors).

daisycakessoap said...

"hunks of handmade goodness"

your etsy bill joke cracked me up!

Erin said...

Whoops. How dumb do I have to be not to check dates of posts and guidelines?! *sigh*


Caryn said...

So absolutely to-die-for stuff!!

My style?

Would have to call it a "pulled in too many directions, just thrown together, and out the door because I'm 10 minutes late look".

You can find me on Etsy under secondstardesigns ;)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

~ Caryn

Holly Marie Gibbs said...

My style is "girly-vintagey-modern-preppy-ecclectic-meets-inner-rocker-chick-meets-flower-child" also known as "completely depends on my mood"

And this store is SO cute! I love her stuff and have already added her to my favorites :o)

fivegoldfish said...

I totally relate with blacking out and waking up with etsy bills. I would describe my style as quirky and girlified tomboy.


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