Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And the winner is ...

Thanks to everyone who entered the Great Suzzanemade Etsy Giveaway! I entered the number of comments into my interwebs hat, otherwise known as and let what I'm sure is very high tech and complicated process pull a winner for me. And that winner is Shelley Greenberg from The Spotted Duck! Shelley, you may now shit your pants. Again. And yes, if you've been paying attention, that is TWO totally awesome things that Shelley got for being a fantastic blogger and Yellaphant readers in the past TWO days, which just proves that knowing me is pretty much the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Congrats, Shelley. Your $25 gift certificate to Suzzanemade is on its way to your inbox.

If your name isn't Shelley Greenberg, don't despair. There's more Great Yellaphant Giveaways up my sleeve that you can comment all over coming soon. And since you've all been asking, bribery is always welcome, but will not make your chances of winning any better. And in the meantime, head on over to Suzzane's shop to find something that you simply MUST HAVE. Because I can tell you from experience, there are few things more squeel-worthy than coming home and finding the jewelry that you ordered waiting for you in your mailbox. No one else is sending you mail anyway. Except maybe the bank and also possibly the electric company, but you can just ignore them. Trust me, it's totally fine. And Suzanne would be more than happy to send some love your way.

If you're a maker of pretty things and would like to be featured on Yellaphant, drop me a line and we'll make out.

1 comment:

Shelley Greenberg said...

Schweeeeeeet! I win I win I win I win.

Thanks Bridget and Suzanne!!!


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