Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I don't usually ever run with music, but I'm always on the lookout for songs to add to the perfect running mix. Coincidentally, these compilations also make the for the best drinking music. But since this morning started with a long and enjoyable run through a few neighborhoods of Philadelphia and over the Ben Franklin Bridge and back, I've got running on my mind.

One of the bands that is always perfect to have stuck in your head while your feet are pounding the city streets is MGMT. Since the official music video for "Kids" was just released last week, I thought I'd throw this one out there today.

MGMT has a passionate following, so it's not surprising that people were pretty much crapping their pants for the release of this video. I was excited to see what these guys came up with, and expected nothing less than their neon-spandexed, body-painted, wait-a-minute-am-I-on-drugs best. But this video freaked the hell out of me. In fact, I was borderline horrified. WHO WOULD DO THAT TO THEIR BABY? I'm completely willing to bet that this kid will be traumatized for life and the first time he has a sleepover with his friends he's absolutely going to wet the bed and then he'll forever be known as the weird kid that wets the bed and is startled all the time, which will inevitably carry over into high school and then he'll never get a girlfriend or lead a normal life because every time he hears a tree branch scratching against the window at night he's going to break out into a cold sweat. And we all know what the next step is. Drugs. So yes, MGMT, I hope you are happy with your video, because you have destroyed this child's entire life. But I still like the song.


Suzanne said...

OMFG i love MGMT. they are my new fave.
that being said, i haven't seen that video, nor do i plan to. i keep hearing about how creepy/scary it is and other things like what you said about a child being traumatized. i really like that song and don't want to ruin it. can it seriously be that bad?! i don't want to know bad enough to watch the video i guess.

Hayli said...

I'm sitting here....
because that kid is TERRIFIED and RUNNING AWAY.

haha that should definately not be funny. at all...


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