Monday, July 20, 2009

Back On My Feet has knocked me off my feet. Because it's awesome, people.

First of all, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to Back On My Feet during our big fundraiser this weekend, 20in24. Your support was overwhelming. It was colossal. It was awesome. It made me want to clap my hands and dance a little bit. Instead, I went running.

Last week I made a trip to my local party store and picked up as many glow sticks as I could carry home to get ready for the 20in24 Midnight Madness run, and I'm pretty sure that everyone who saw me walking down the street could only assume that I was getting ready to throw the rave of the year in my apartment. And I just kept giving those nods like yeah you WISH you were invited to my rave right now maybe you'll think twice next time you tell me to get my gahammned dog off your gahdamned lawn. And now I really am considering throwing a glow stick rave in my apartment because when I typed glow sticks into Google just now, Google was all do you mean glow sticks rave? And you know what, Google, maybe I do.

So when Saturday finally rolled around I was physically and mentally preparing myself for the big race by eating donuts when B was all "GET IN THE CAR GET IN THE CAR FUTBOOOOOOOOOL" because he picked us up tickets to the U.S. versus Panama soccer game down at Lincoln Financial Field and gah be danged if he was going to miss even one second of play. The game was awesome and I'm pretty sure I picked up more Spanish sitting in those stands than I ever did in a Spanish class, puntas sucias. They didn't teach you that in high school did they?

After the game, B drove me down to the art museum for the race. I met up with my parents who were volunteering for the night and a few of my teammates from the Ridge shelter. I laced up my sneaks and covered myself in glow sticks, which I would then consider ripping from my body sometime around mile seven because for the love of gah this day glo is making me dizzy. Or, I suppose, it could have just been the running. I totally would have pictures of all of this glow in the dark awesomeness, but my mom took them on her camera and, you know, moms and technology. You can expect them to be uploaded as soon as my parents figure out how to plug the camera into the computer, probably some time around November.

The race itself was amazing. And inspiring. And totally fun. Some time around mile two I started chatting with a pretty serious runner and didn't realize exactly how fast we were going until we were coming up the hill to the art museum at the end of the 8.5 mile loop and I saw my parents and B cheering me on and it occurred to my that I might, in fact, die. Again. But I didn't. Thanks to the constant encouragement from my running companion, who I'd never even met and I don't even know his name, I came in third place for the women and 28th place overall. It was totally the donuts.

And now I think all these weeks of too little sleep and stress at work and wedding planning has finally caught up to me because all my body wants to do is sleep. Yesterday I went to the beach for the day with my mom and I'm pretty sure the only time I would wake up is when she would suggest getting something to eat. Because, hello, food.

Then today there were only a few of us at Back On My Feet because most people were recovering from their 20 plus miles (holy shit, ya'll) they put in this weekend, so we only ran a couple miles. Usually when I get back I'm totally energized and wishing I had a dance party to dance to, but today I walked back into the bedroom and literally faceplanted on top of the covers and didn't move for an hour. I woke up with cover creases all over my face and a mouth full of dog hair, which kind of made me want to cancel Monday.

So you know when people ask you what your superpower would be if you could have a superpower? I always used to say teleportation because I could just teleport myself all over the world FOR FREE which is way better than traveling in an airplane because again, it's free, and you could go anywhere in, like, two seconds, and also I'm sure teleportation has a lot more leg room and you don't have to worry about sitting next to the smelly dude who wants to talk to you the entire ride. But now I'm thinking that IN ADDITION to teleportation, I'd like to have the ability to just cancel days because Mondays are totally not doing it for anyone. I'd be doing the world a huge service by just getting rid of them. Or turning them in into another day of the weekend, which I would name NotMondayDay. I'd totally do that. I bet you I could win a Nobel Peace Prize for that.

ANYWAY. So now it's Monday and I'm totally just sitting here staring at the blinking red light on my office phone that's supposed to tell me I have messages because uhhh shouldn't it be NOTMondayDay right now? And also I'm pretty sure no one in the office remembers how to use the phone so I'm betting it's just my mom calling to remind me not to forget underwear for next week's family vacation like I did last year and THANK GOD FOR VACATION.

And also, just in case you didn't get a chance to donate to Back On My Feet with 20in24 and you woke up today feeling particularly assholeish, you still can. We're always accepting donations, so you can donate anytime. I'm always looking out for you, people.


k said...

congrats on a great race, lady! 3rd place is awesome! It was so wild seeing how many people got up and ran 8 miles - at midnight. love.

rory said...

I've been feeling particularly assholeish lately. I need to donate to what you're doin'.
Good on ya.


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